The Rise And Fall Of GameStop
The Big Business Of Fighter Jets
How Much Is Kamala Harris Worth?
Why Car Colors Are So Boring
The Rise And Fall Of Pier 1
The Rise And Fall Of Hertz
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Can The U.S. Afford Reparations?
moe morris
moe morris 16 giờ trước
I'm 11 minuets in and thinking about turning it off
L S 16 giờ trước
I'd like people to take this poll simply by liking for yes and unlike for no How many of you feel the media not one but most of the media are slanted and helping one party again like for yes and unlike for no
Rohit V
Rohit V 16 giờ trước
Now thats a good clickbait, well done CNBC
Breathe Man
Breathe Man 16 giờ trước
Anon e commerce with revenue sharing is Safex Token
Breathe Man
Breathe Man 16 giờ trước
Safex will be the 👑 of open source
Shane 16 giờ trước
Meanwhile America's infrastructure looks like a third world country.
J O 16 giờ trước
only 52 % lol that is more than half lol
Shane 16 giờ trước
Huge waste of American taxpayer's money.
Jo 16 giờ trước
What you see today on how hard Trump and Biden would work for America. Trump works 24 hours a day, Biden 24 seconds! WAKE UP AMERICA! A vote for Trump is a vote for America. A vote for Biden is a vote for his family getting more corrupt!
Sainov 17 giờ trước
M W 17 giờ trước
Hey stupid it’s a battery run car, you go a couple hundred miles and then you have to find a charger. Good luck finding one in the middle of Nebraska!
santiago tanchan
santiago tanchan 17 giờ trước
He is cottupt, a criminal
Hell'sking 17 giờ trước
people just wants to see the face of person who ditched billion
Kevin Canchola
Kevin Canchola 17 giờ trước
I have a feeling this decade will bring the fall of the F150 and Pickups in general. No paticular reason why I feel that way. I currently own a 2010 F150XL and it's been performing reliably with me. I am curious sometimes to drive the newer models just to see how they feel.
Brandon Wong
Brandon Wong 17 giờ trước
Dude the stock market is fake. FED print money it go up that's it
Kelly Mason
Kelly Mason 17 giờ trước
He don’t need stocks and bonds when he has Hunter as a pawn. Jail both of them 🇺🇸#TRUMP2020
Wantsome 7676
Wantsome 7676 17 giờ trước
Social media exposing how dumb people actually are.
Hell'sking 17 giờ trước
i am sure namamoto wife doesnot know that he is real nakamoto and have untoched billions in the account
Jeff Bruce
Jeff Bruce 17 giờ trước
Bezos donated to Biden...thats a clue.
Probir Ghosh
Probir Ghosh 17 giờ trước
Trump is coming back in 2020🙏 Make America great again 🙂
Jullie Thomas
Jullie Thomas 17 giờ trước
I use Blucon for my diabetes as it converts my Libre sensor into real time CGM. My Linkblucon app updates me when my blood glucose values go high and low. It updates me everytime on my watch and phone.
Great Value
Great Value 17 giờ trước
This is why young men join the military, so they can afford to buy these trucks. Seriously its like only active military and former military that can afford to drive these trucks.
Shalom Alcheim
Shalom Alcheim 17 giờ trước
What the hell is going on with your prices?
The day in the life Miller
The day in the life Miller 17 giờ trước
Of course it’s trump. Biden can’t even say big numbers
Jake1995 17 giờ trước
Trump can't remember his own wife's name , bankrupt six times.
JAMS's Nana
JAMS's Nana 17 giờ trước
Please. I ordered something early last week that was supposed to be here in one day. It got here yesterday. That's the case more often than not.
joe crachemontange
joe crachemontange 17 giờ trước
You have to go after spain they were the first country to bring slaves here.
razony 17 giờ trước
America if not the World is so afraid of dying, that WE STOP LIVING! It's going to get worse and everything is collapsing around us except the this voting debacle...again! Take the necessary precautions and lets GET BACK TO WORK!!!
dat fuckin boi
dat fuckin boi 17 giờ trước
speak for yourself
jmaggs 543r
jmaggs 543r 17 giờ trước
How about give a discount to every one with a junk blown 5.4 triton
Dan King
Dan King 17 giờ trước
Never thought someone would interrupt more from than Trump hahaha
jet1guy 17 giờ trước
What about “BidenGate?” We used to call this TREASON.
Jake1995 16 giờ trước
What about Trump gate. Russian collusion.
Lee sunwu
Lee sunwu 17 giờ trước
Russia, China, and Japan want Biden to be elected.
Jake1995 16 giờ trước
Because they are business minded.
YourStepPops 43
YourStepPops 43 17 giờ trước
These people are telling you the truth in plain sight
tr hobbies
tr hobbies 17 giờ trước
Everyone in California there's still time to sign a petition to recall Governor Newsom . If you Google you'll find a website that has information on where you can find locations near you to sign in person. please sign the petition! ....
bndo 1988
bndo 1988 17 giờ trước
The stock market has boomed throughout donald trumps presidency. It has done so well that the new world order has created a false virus pandemic to safe guard there fortune.
Zachary Traficanti
Zachary Traficanti 17 giờ trước
It’s because all theses companies are owned and lead by dinosaurs who cannot see past their own fat bellies. They’ll all be gone shortly, dino fuel is a thing of the past.
CS Anton
CS Anton 17 giờ trước
Here in the Philippines, you can have your car financed by a bank for a 8% interest but requires a 30% equity build. The dealerships however entice you to no downpayment but the financing cost is an effective 20% interest, which if you are not into finance, may fool you just because its zero down payment. I get it that the dealership take the risks with an almost zero percent equity. An example is a car selling at 80k USD, the cost the dealer paid for that car is less the standard 30% dealer margin which is 56k. If a dealer sells you a car with zero down or equity at 20% interest for 5 yr term, the 2 years payment of principal and interest is gonna break even the 56k the dealer bought the car from the auto company. The next 3 years is pure profit and upon paying it all up it would cost you 120k, 30k higher than the total payment under bank financing of 91k, or 40k higher than when you paid it in cash of 80k. Bank financing is only 10k higher whereas dealer financing is 40k. its a rip pff business for people who dont understand the financing costs
הראל אבלייב / y e s
הראל אבלייב / y e s 17 giờ trước
bruh thats easy to do he just made her download a RAT ( Remote access tool )
C Ghizzoni
C Ghizzoni 17 giờ trước
Incredible! Biden just said he might pack the court if he doesn't like the way Barret rules! There is NO GOOD REASON FOR PACKING THE COURT! NONE! EVER! The judiciary is one of three branches that ensures a balance of powers! Packing the court goes against everything our forefathers stood for!
C Ghizzoni
C Ghizzoni 17 giờ trước
It should never have been done in the past and it shouldn't be done now!
Lean 2200
Lean 2200 17 giờ trước
My prediction is if trump losses it will be a change and therefore cause if major uncertainty because a new unknown president. If trump stays in office nothing will change market will keep goi g the direction it was intended. So far based on the news and social sentiments biden will cause a sell off if he wins. Im 90% sure of it.
The Real Ali Q
The Real Ali Q 17 giờ trước
*The Secret of All Secret Societies* *(FREE ENERGY + TELEPATHY)* *The Third Eye. The Pyramids.* The Third Eye = Telepaths, psychics. Nearly half of the global population is telepathic/psychic. Referred to in the modern day, as 'Awakening/Opening the Third Eye', telepaths/psychics aren't permitted to disclose much information to those who are not awake/aware i.e. telepathic/psychic. There are rules. There is a policing force also made of secret societies. The Pyramids = Ancient Pyramids of Egypt. Regarded as mysterious, with questions remaining to present day as to the purpose of their construction, answers are kept hidden within secret societies and the minds of telepaths. Revealed to only those who awaken their third eye and become telepathic, is the marvel of electricity existing in ancient times. Concepts of Free Energy are originally derived from the ancient pyramids, known for producing free electricity in mass volumes, instantaneously. This secret along with the actual methods that were used and needed to produce free energy are kept secret by half the world and regulated by secret societies. The pyramids were turned OFF a long time ago, they can be turned ON today if the secret and hidden powers to be wanted the world to have free energy. How? Electrical components, Inductors and Transformers (coils), do not transfer electricity but actually create free electricity. Solar energy fed back into an inductor or transformer, can create unlimited electricity instantaneously. Norms (non-telepaths), are often discouraged and confused when attempting to study electrical engineering or physics due to the false assertion of Electrons. There are no such thing as electrons, they are taught only to confuse norms so they don't figure out the solution to the worlds energy problems. There is a reason why the cartoon 'Transformers' was created, along with the lyric in it's theme song, "Transformers - More Than Meets The Eye." Trump is CURED!! For more Secrets Revealed publicly, Vote Trump!! God Bless Sirius and the Grey Aliens.
Alexis Santos
Alexis Santos 17 giờ trước
Jake1995 16 giờ trước
Ralph Nabozny
Ralph Nabozny 17 giờ trước
Trump is good for America
Jake1995 16 giờ trước
Trump has DIVIDED America
Khalid 17 giờ trước
because mediterranean and middle eastern food is superior to mexican food. mcdonalds and kfc etc works there because its not a common dish people make.
Michael Radler
Michael Radler 17 giờ trước
Ummmm, that's silly, under trump dow broke how many record highs? Even with Carona, biggest GAIN EVER in one day, almost back while the "virus" lingers...TRUMP 2020 and 2024 or bust, demonRATS owe US, USA Citizens 4 years after all the BS they put our potus through.
Dave 17 giờ trước
Kinda reminds me of the lifeless forms we have in most News rooms spouting out what we should think. Thanks you NBC for exposing your true creepy self. Mind Numbed Robots. LOL
eric lacount
eric lacount 17 giờ trước
0:53 What's wrong with it?
a c
a c 17 giờ trước
Sorry this was a very poorly written article which unfortunately proved the opposite of what it was trying to prove.
Rusty 17 giờ trước
New fords are trash
DEB Damico
DEB Damico 18 giờ trước
Under LEVERAGED Mr. President!
Vannasinh Philavong
Vannasinh Philavong 18 giờ trước
The end is near for movie theaters. It time to Disney and chill 🤣
ginger langschmidtni
ginger langschmidtni 18 giờ trước
This guy is awful, pathetic and evil !
mohammad zakir khan
mohammad zakir khan 18 giờ trước
Come to India. You will feel any road in US is heavenly
Jesus C
Jesus C 18 giờ trước
So the market do better ..when Democrats raises taxes😂😂😂
K B 18 giờ trước
Trump all the way
Craig Williams
Craig Williams 18 giờ trước
That’s not even a question. Trump had record low unemployment and a booming economy. Biden and Obama in 8 years couldn’t even bring the GDP up to a positive. Trump Is the only correct answer, there’s no debate. Don’t @ me, because you’re salty
Jake1995 16 giờ trước
Get you facts right and stop lying. Obama took over from Bush disasterous economy, Obama got it UP. Unemployment was at 10% when Obama took over from Bush. Obama got it down to 4.3% . The figures are out there. Stop believing Trumps lies.
Benjamin Pucher
Benjamin Pucher 18 giờ trước
"Flat lands of japan" ARE YOU JOKING?! Look at a map
Hans Winkler
Hans Winkler 18 giờ trước
The DE system is far from being perfect, but it is gradually changing. It should be mentioned, doctors might get told where to open their office to level out the demand. It is regulated with a twist of competition.
Ronald Pak Huen Chu
Ronald Pak Huen Chu 18 giờ trước
Phillipines is world's richest country
Sean Guinn
Sean Guinn 18 giờ trước
Some truth from a lot of doctors
Kanishq Quotes
Kanishq Quotes 18 giờ trước
GM Chinese partner killed their operations in India Part of the reason why their sales were falling. It was gm china models the sail sedan, small car and a van called Enjoy. Despite gm teasing the sonic which had styling closer to the cruze and beat (spark) which were successful , the sail cars were drab looking and were bashed by auto journalists. Even though they were popular with their earlier models and best warranty at the time. Now, when GM shut shop in India, their Chinese partner acquired 1 of their plant and launched a brand called MG motors
C Ghizzoni
C Ghizzoni 18 giờ trước
Why do you need any additional funding for community policing? How much does it cost to introduce yourself and write down a phone number?
C Ghizzoni
C Ghizzoni 18 giờ trước
How can Biden set up a national study group that includes "black and brown" to discuss the problem of racism but not white? First of all it's claiming that black and brown people cannot be racist which is a lie and it eliminates the possibility for an entire race to defend itself again claims of systemic racism that don't exist! There are a few "bad apples" here and there but if you can't see the election of a black president in a majority white nation that supposedly has this huge systemic race issue as proof that systemic racism is no longer a major hinderance for the black and brown communities the your just lying to yourself and playing the victim!
Alice InWonderland
Alice InWonderland 18 giờ trước
America you in danger gurl🤣🤣🤣
ginger langschmidtni
ginger langschmidtni 18 giờ trước
A President who hardly knows anything to the questions he refuses to give an answer !
Sean Guinn
Sean Guinn 18 giờ trước
Some truth from a lot of doctors
CLdriver1960 18 giờ trước
So...are you bozos implying that a Biden victory will be good for the American economy, based on cherry picked data of the past? Really?!??
Mooseman 18 giờ trước
Fords issue is that consumers are flocking towards trucks and brands that have aggressive looks, styling, and a pleasant interior, like RAM or GMC. Even though these brands have dogshit longevity and reliability (chevy included). Ford would have to divert RnD money from reliability and durability into cheap pazzaz, which would harm the brand's uniqueness.
Hank Clarckson
Hank Clarckson 18 giờ trước
Biden.will bring peace(unity&solidarity) and business Stop war,sanctions&hate Trump not Peacefullman
lostinmuzak 18 giờ trước
I know many Asians after they first came to the country opened stores in socially disadvantaged areas. Many have given up because they couldn’t make a living of it. Why not people living in the area get together and open a farmers market? It’s an opportunity.
Arved Ludwig
Arved Ludwig 18 giờ trước thing out there. I love the fact that I can have freecad and it has so much add-ons from a large community.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 18 giờ trước
new video game covid 19
soul seeker
soul seeker 18 giờ trước
Trumps absolutely smashing it
ginger langschmidtni
ginger langschmidtni 18 giờ trước
He never answer to the question! You ask him “How ” he draw you a picture on the wall without any concrete plan !
jason miller
jason miller 18 giờ trước
Ben Shapiro says it clearly!!
Nooby Kick
Nooby Kick 18 giờ trước
Concernig Obama Care: what did he say? Nothing, nothing at all. No facts, no visions, same procedure. Boring and helpless. And what's about this woman at the rear right, does she get money for nodding to his attempts to say something? We're doing things!
Timothy Kao
Timothy Kao 18 giờ trước
Since when were Asians not POCs
Wonky Gustav
Wonky Gustav 18 giờ trước
If trump is really against racism then why can’t he bring himself to say BLACK LIVES MATTER?!
Hehe 18 giờ trước
Never have I ever hear someone call themselves a socialist. I’m not Americans. So it’s weird to me. My grandfather used to be falsely accused as someone who supported communism. And in my country (around 1940) they will be killed if they say they believe in communism. Some might argue that socialism are different than communism. But i think socialism is a gateway of communism. I think the people who support socialism have to visit socialist country. And if you hate USA so much because of capitalism. I think we can arrange for an exchange of citizenship. I would love to live in USA🥰
Vanguarded_Heart 117
Vanguarded_Heart 117 18 giờ trước
Americans: what is debt?
zzchilizz01 18 giờ trước
If Biden goes in as president and everything collapses our economy etc. People who voted for him will be to blame.I have a friend voting for Biden and when things fail and he can't afford to feed his family because of his vote I'll make sure to remind him every minute that he voted for Biden so it's his fault and he knows Ill rub it in his face.You vote for Biden everything collapses you should be reminded everyday what damage that vote caused in the world.I told my friend that too. He said he might be changing his vote so we may become friends again so that's good I can't be friends with someone who voted for someone like Biden who wants to raise taxes people can't afford to have taxes raised and they'll vote for Biden I guess people are not as poor as they say maybe they are really rich look at the celebrities they can afford to vote for Biden they have all the money in the world to throw away if people vote for Biden they are rich because poor people wouldn't vote for higher taxes and shutting our economy for three months well I got one can't afford Biden as president
Jake1995 16 giờ trước
Trump's friends are all rich. Trump gave his friends the best TAX Deals