Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos Giờ trước
“Did you pull up on Trump that way or Tomi Lahren”
Jerry Desir
Jerry Desir Giờ trước
I must say I am not a fan of Obama the president. But the man, the husband, the Father.... His wisdom is to be highly appreciated ... He seems to judge every single word before uttering them. That's rare.
Latosha Giờ trước
"Not even me can stop me" whew
John V
John V Giờ trước
This has to be a joke. God help my people please
GoldGloveJu 2 giờ trước
Am I the only one who thinks Lil Uzi was slept on???? His Eternal Atake album was a highlight not to mention Luv vs. the world 2
B Jvu
B Jvu 2 giờ trước
hahaha, the black man is not successful until the whiteman gives him validation. you would think that the grammys is nothing but a two dollar plastic. it reminds me of when i was in the army and the dumb soldiers would day dream over purple heart and all the other five dollar ribbons but the only way to get these cheap crap is to get hurt doing something risky aka dumb or dead. i told the army that they could keep all their ribbons and awards... its not enough that millions adore you and over pay to hear the music
Orkapipo Orkalino
Orkapipo Orkalino 2 giờ trước
He for real !
Latosha 2 giờ trước
" it ain't that kind of call muther fucker" yes sis tell him
Terrific Market
Terrific Market 2 giờ trước
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Latosha 2 giờ trước
Damn... seven seconds lost everything 😕
magibe Liriano
magibe Liriano 2 giờ trước
Big soulja
ZUES Pettaway
ZUES Pettaway 2 giờ trước
The real guwap
Chris Sturd
Chris Sturd 2 giờ trước
Ravi 2 giờ trước
This guy is the next Kanye I'm calling it rn.
Gotta Black Goddess
Gotta Black Goddess 2 giờ trước
A do nothing neega Eff NoBama...
pesomario 2 giờ trước
This was legendary 😂
Jamaal Curry
Jamaal Curry 2 giờ trước
This is Gucci's natural demeanor
Katia Slater
Katia Slater 2 giờ trước
Let’s start a petition for a Girlfriends Movie ALREADY 🍿 🥤
Jamaal Curry
Jamaal Curry 2 giờ trước
Real Gucci 💯 with his normal head
Irene Moraa
Irene Moraa 2 giờ trước
i love this president. heck...I am not even an American! dang!
Valed The RULER
Valed The RULER 2 giờ trước
Wow why am I JUST seeing this...
sipho mthiyane
sipho mthiyane 2 giờ trước
Man that was a dope interview
Jessi Castro
Jessi Castro 2 giờ trước
Notice they all stay quiet when 50 talks.....they listen, focus and pay attention.
Monique Boea
Monique Boea 2 giờ trước
I wish more parents would get that - guide a child don't control them. It would be a lot more happier adults in this world.
Mike 0z
Mike 0z 2 giờ trước
P W 2 giờ trước
I loved this interview. Thank you! It was informative with really good questions. Mitch McConnell will go down in History as being one of the worst political leaders this country has ever seen. He is a terrible person without any conscience at all. I so appreciate Obama’s explanations of the filibuster and how senate representation, specially from small less populated states, skewers the balance of power and hinders progress. Republicans at large have always been better at cheating and arranging laws to their advantage. Wish the Dems were more proactive.
Gideon Muteti
Gideon Muteti 2 giờ trước
As a black man I stand against this racism!
Latosha 2 giờ trước
"If you really want something you ain't go mess yourself up to bad"....truth!
Zara Bee
Zara Bee 2 giờ trước
Umar all about the truth, mans a soldier, speaks for the poor & deprived. Hats off to you bro
chris simmons
chris simmons 2 giờ trước
Nov 28
Da Da
Da Da 2 giờ trước
Charlamange keep that money in his pocket😂
George Brennen
George Brennen 2 giờ trước
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Flav_imfameboss 2 giờ trước
Nas received and Oscar for writing jiggy wit it for Will Smith....but none of the other meaningful songs he has done...wtf
Thu Moi
Thu Moi 2 giờ trước
Pongan más videos de porno es lo que más estusiasma.
yoly507 2 giờ trước
Moniece needs to work on herself. When you love and respect yourself a relationship is different. I've been married almost 12 years and I'm 35 and I didn't have love or respect for myself. We didn't separate but I told him I was working on me. I went to therapy changed some people in my life and he did the same. Now that we love and know ourselves our relationship is on a whole new level. My best friend isn't in the best situation and ladies and gentlemen let your children know their worth and teach them to put themselves so they go into a relationship with that understanding expecting nothing less.
angel garcia
angel garcia 2 giờ trước
He’s a nice man but he is very anti Semitic.
bsdguy 2 giờ trước
Manny, Moe, and Jack didn't even read his book. This was Obama trying to rehabilitate his legacy. He was too slick for TBC stooges.
heytoday 2 giờ trước
So if you single out the black community, with the term "black community" its racist... But yet the "black community" wants individual attention... But if you use the term "black community", its racist... 🤯🤯
arp thirteen
arp thirteen 2 giờ trước
Why don't we boycott The Breakfast Club...
Punch_Bowl_Turd 2 giờ trước
i wanna know what was up with libya and why he created the conditions that put blacks into slavery after 2011... there's your 1st "black president" and now you have his vp as potus...
Stephon Sheppard
Stephon Sheppard 2 giờ trước
I don’t need to smile at u, it’s fine
Kitty Watson
Kitty Watson 2 giờ trước
Kitty Watson
Kitty Watson 2 giờ trước
Cocoa Chanel
Cocoa Chanel 3 giờ trước
Why did the breakfast club allow Obama to stutter, lie, backpeddle and cabbage patch all over the important topics?! Obama is a disgrace for ADOS and FBA. Too much lip service for anything that is about "black" people. Obama is not black so why do you expect him to understand? He is on your show to back Joe Biden only!Next guest please?
Nicole Nic
Nicole Nic 3 giờ trước
King Von lookin like a sweat heart 😘😘 RIP baby
Kris Jonson
Kris Jonson 3 giờ trước
yeah Obama but you brought the medical mandate/penalty for not having insurance that it is still a curse after its ruled unconstitutional
Lee Gilliam
Lee Gilliam 3 giờ trước
There is no misconception they are, what they are. It's just no father would ever want their daughters to skid up and down a pole... many black mothers fail to understand the need to strengthen sons so imagine a black boy without a father present... When a man says, "YOU ASK TO MANY QUESTIONS" that's exactly what it means. Thinking the heart beats was a real group mean you do not know real music...
judeetiennejr 3 giờ trước
When he get back they need to have him on again
Copper Man
Copper Man 3 giờ trước
All charges dropped ! Kevin is a liar . Somebody owes this man an apology.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 3 giờ trước
Why does Obeezy have headphones in?
Shayla Smith
Shayla Smith 3 giờ trước
In the Netflix series when korey was on trial he stated he didnt want to answer the ladies question because that's what got him there in the first place. His past caused him to be a man of little too no words even to this day
AdonisMuscles 3 giờ trước
Mike Epps is not funny at all GTFOH... KEVIN HART ALL DAY
Jp Reyes
Jp Reyes 3 giờ trước
Exactly handling
J H 3 giờ trước
I Concur with former president. Abolishing was a republican concept natured and nurtured by socratic democratic questioning that gave birth to civil rights movements. I've done my homework I've read my congressional copy of "In Black America" have you guys Breakfest club? But yes shot outs to our former president and honorable president Barack Obama. Go! Patriots.........Go! RAT PATROL TEAM 1!
Lee Gilliam
Lee Gilliam 3 giờ trước
These artist are peculiar, they sign these demonic contract as they are fully controlled by the industry... so, when they come out against the industry, that pays them you question what's really going on.
joey gonzales
joey gonzales 3 giờ trước
This is dope for TBC. Envy even got a new suit for this.
beelzebub beelzebub
beelzebub beelzebub 3 giờ trước
LADARRIN Taylor 3 giờ trước
The real qucci
Jamaal Curry
Jamaal Curry 2 giờ trước
Gucci had an afro when he got out now dude got a beard
Jamaal Curry
Jamaal Curry 2 giờ trước
real talk, he can't change that much in 3 years
TheStar798 3 giờ trước
How did I not get the alert for this???! 👏👏👏💐
Tha Imperial
Tha Imperial 3 giờ trước
Ppl forget when Obama was president there a thing called Congress. A Republican controlled Congress at tht. They blocked a few bills tht could of benefited black ppl tremendously. Yeah it would of benefited others as well, but you can't expect a president to change EVERYTHING done to black ppl in 8yrs. and expect Congress to back it. Some things we're gonna have to be more proactive ourselves to get.
Terail LeSane
Terail LeSane 3 giờ trước
This is where the double standards runs rampant! Where is the Me Too Movement when people are falsely accused of sexual misconduct? Innocent people lives are destroyed and the me too movement dont do damn thing to help repair the lives that they've deatroyed. The me too movement is a complete joke they don't do a damn thing to help the falsely accused.
Emme Anastasia
Emme Anastasia 3 giờ trước
Life and a life are quite distinct. Aborting votes and service users is a republican argument. The main services republican laws make sure Black youth use are police brutality and prison. #MissMeWithUrOneIssue
Ash Has
Ash Has 3 giờ trước
Im happy she had a role in "Get Out"
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson 3 giờ trước
I drove Jeezy manager to the liquor store in houston when he performed at house of blues in houston(he always buys his own drink and brings it to the venue)his management is all women (that was nice and his manager was real nice ). Real good vibe from his management team .. Showed houston alot of love .. THE REAL MIKE WILSON PS DONT EVER SHOOT A BREAKFAST INTERVIEW WITHOUT ANGELA YEE
Mo Getit
Mo Getit 3 giờ trước
DroneGuy 3 giờ trước
Poorly titled clip. Dave did NOT ask people to boycott Netflix. Who are the idiots working for Angela who constantly get the info wrong
Unlimted V3rses
Unlimted V3rses 3 giờ trước
He called it.
Keelan Playz
Keelan Playz 3 giờ trước
He posted one month ago....
Eric Williams
Eric Williams 3 giờ trước
One thing you can almost guarantee about Charlamagne the God He will always ask the dumbest questions and make the smartest fly remark after a serious comment has been made I'm surprised that he is still on the show
#TTG Brainiac
#TTG Brainiac 3 giờ trước
I'm mad yak still locked up bruh but the way shit goin im glad he locked up
Alexia Alexander
Alexia Alexander 3 giờ trước
People with the biggest hearts deal with the biggest demons
Ash Has
Ash Has 3 giờ trước
A freshman in college told me Maxine made him want to be an attorney.
Ted Patrick Baird
Ted Patrick Baird 3 giờ trước
Charlamagne says money doesn't buy freedom but the more money you have the more options you have in life.
Spider-Man 3 giờ trước
Is it tradition for politicians to be humiliated on TBC? They should be a tad more respectful for their Democrat guests... save heavy hitters for the Republican thugs
Godisgood 3 giờ trước
44:51 that man charlamagne look ugly asf when he laugh
Alexia Alexander
Alexia Alexander 3 giờ trước
This interview just brought my spirits up. I been down some days now
Marlon H
Marlon H 3 giờ trước
Ctg is really confused ,about dick
kirkwoodplace 3 giờ trước
Great questioning Charlamane! Stay Strong Brother and Keep Studying and Praying!
Nicola Welsh
Nicola Welsh 3 giờ trước
If I didn't understand Kanye before, I do now. What he's saying about money making you free and having a voice is actually true. We are enslaved to luxury brands and items, because we listen to those huge companies first before the smaller companies. Money gives you a voice, it is our own bias, we don't want to hear from anyone without a title or some accolades. Money or status gives you the platform to be heard and followed. He's trying to get there so that we can hear and listen to what he's saying.
Abdul Qiyam Muhammad
Abdul Qiyam Muhammad 3 giờ trước
Great questions from Brother Charlamagne