Justin Bieber - Change Me
Justin Bieber - All Bad
7 năm trước
Trt Tuyy
Trt Tuyy 17 giờ trước
How tf this have 3800 dislike ?
beatriz anjos
beatriz anjos 17 giờ trước
Jacob Tremblay is great he interprets it well
Kalmado Banayad
Kalmado Banayad 17 giờ trước
since day one
รักมากที่สุดคืออะไร รักมากที่สุดคืออะไร
รักมากที่สุดคืออะไร รักมากที่สุดคืออะไร 17 giờ trước
Karolina Oszczyk
Karolina Oszczyk 17 giờ trước
Świetny odcinek #driverkaliderka #taxiqueen #recenzje #promowanie #ponorwesku
Karolina Oszczyk
Karolina Oszczyk 17 giờ trước
Świetny odcinek #driverkaliderka #taxiqueen #recenzje #promowanie #ponorwesku
Think A New One
Think A New One 17 giờ trước
Justin please comeback man in music with full power man and I know you again become world's top singer😔👍
Mat Jukie
Mat Jukie 17 giờ trước
Until now, i still don't have girlfriend 🤧im so lonely,
JESICA JAV X.X.X 17 giờ trước
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.
kidaxgriselta 17 giờ trước
I'm so loooonly🥺👍
Aquina Yobelta
Aquina Yobelta 17 giờ trước
Karina Dr
Karina Dr 17 giờ trước
Cudo ❤️
Aaron S
Aaron S 17 giờ trước
What I’m hoping from this album is that the album slowly fades with time, so the earlier tracks will be his story of when he was a kid like this one, then as the album progresses he gets older, ending with tracks like Holy with him having found his wife and God
Akash Gawai
Akash Gawai 17 giờ trước
why so low views to justin i dont understand...
Divya Ekanayaka
Divya Ekanayaka 17 giờ trước
Oh my god I listen to this song so many times oh my god that's make me cazy😪😪😪😪💜💜
Abitha A
Abitha A 17 giờ trước
A month what It feels like it wad released yesterday
PATO CAGUETA 17 giờ trước
Engraçado como essa letra causa efeitos diversos em cada pessoa.
Maria Allicar Navata
Maria Allicar Navata 17 giờ trước
Goosebumps 😍😍😍
sami lemma
sami lemma 17 giờ trước
Dud u fucking made me cry man!
Silvia Postole
Silvia Postole 17 giờ trước
i love this Song i love You Justin i hope only good things for You .incredible voicee
Hassan Kabir
Hassan Kabir 17 giờ trước
Who was listening that while - you are in your bed - seeing comments - and crying 🥺
Beast Pianist
Beast Pianist 17 giờ trước
true song man so lonely nice
Amar Patro
Amar Patro 18 giờ trước
Justin said it enough now. It's ten years and killing me now 😭
SUPER FAN lyrics
SUPER FAN lyrics 18 giờ trước
Sukhanmaan 18 giờ trước
Sidhumoosewala made history by game song
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar 18 giờ trước
NO Justin don't feel lonely we are always with you bro keep going and we always love you .Be Happy. ☺☺😊
NURDIATI Sumi 18 giờ trước
Supra fit suore ninja
Cindy Stenger
Cindy Stenger 18 giờ trước
I like it a lot👍🏻
SUPER FAN lyrics
SUPER FAN lyrics 18 giờ trước
vipost.info/from/video/tHd0gn_YmM62fNg.html lyric video
pika shu
pika shu 18 giờ trước
His voice😍😍
NURDIATI Sumi 18 giờ trước
Suprax suprafi
NURDIATI Sumi 18 giờ trước
Akeemahsal Smailliw
Akeemahsal Smailliw 18 giờ trước
Esterina Winter
Esterina Winter 18 giờ trước
I just hope Justin can be even happier, we love you Justin! Just take a break! There's a long journey ahead of you!
NURDIATI Sumi 18 giờ trước
Beat beat beat beat ninja hitam merah
Letycya Souza
Letycya Souza 18 giờ trước
Love Justin Bieber
Caro Suarez Castillo :D
Caro Suarez Castillo :D 18 giờ trước
Justin, you are not alony, you have we your fans, in the good y the bad I love you so much for always 👀🥺🥺🥺❤️
nepistic __
nepistic __ 18 giờ trước
so proud of u man whtat a song !!
My Drawing
My Drawing 18 giờ trước
JUSTIN is a TEEN 2008 lol xD
english lover
english lover 18 giờ trước
He is my favourite
Fareeha Miah
Fareeha Miah 18 giờ trước
Sounds like the yodelling kid... but this songs fire
Mirah Miranda303
Mirah Miranda303 18 giờ trước
11M dislikes actually after he break up with Selena hahaha 🤣
kaleab Gebeyhu
kaleab Gebeyhu 18 giờ trước
Amy 18 giờ trước
Why didn’t Journals get any promotion? I know he was going through some things and getting scrutinized by the public but, this album should’ve gotten some rep . It’s upsetting me and my homegirls🤧. Anyways, I appreciate everyone that’s here because you recognize good music🤗.
Kshitiz Bhatnagar
Kshitiz Bhatnagar 18 giờ trước
It's the glow up for me from his last performance on SNL. So proud of him.
Undercover Judger
Undercover Judger 18 giờ trước
I tried calling JB, but he would never answer
blakmagikgypsy 18 giờ trước
but like... was this really live or was he lip syncing again? I mean he sounds great! too great?! for a live set lol jw The song hits 👍🏽
Kalmado Banayad
Kalmado Banayad 18 giờ trước
since's day one
RENU SAGAR 18 giờ trước
Looking soo handsome JUSTIN BIEBER AND SOO CUTE
Nosce te Ipsum
Nosce te Ipsum 18 giờ trước
this song breaks my heart but I love it so much
Akhil KB
Akhil KB 18 giờ trước
After watching this am going to watch Lonely... 2020
김철수 18 giờ trước
I sang this song everyday and never knew it was Justin Bieber's.....
Anna-Maria Gioti
Anna-Maria Gioti 18 giờ trước
The emotion in this....
Rachad Music
Rachad Music 18 giờ trước
Bro, u need a hug?
Natalie Cristine Kisner
Natalie Cristine Kisner 18 giờ trước
tô no chão depois desse clipe :(
Helmut Dao
Helmut Dao 18 giờ trước
Who writes all this songs?
Wongyunkhen Christopher
Wongyunkhen Christopher 18 giờ trước
antonio cordeiro
antonio cordeiro 18 giờ trước
So Sweet and soft, look so good!
Giselle Espinoza
Giselle Espinoza 18 giờ trước
Why is Jacob Tremblay SO FREAKIN cute I love this song❤️💕❤️😇😘
Kalmado Banayad
Kalmado Banayad 18 giờ trước
since's day one
Kyle Dacio
Kyle Dacio 18 giờ trước
Nice song JB.
RENU SAGAR 18 giờ trước
This song is soo cool and I like it very much,Hit likes for Justin bieber
Boss thunder Trendmusic
Boss thunder Trendmusic 18 giờ trước
I posted vipost.info/from/video/266lm6a3zaayppU.html
mariuspy 18 giờ trước
Hammad Rana
Hammad Rana 18 giờ trước
he literally had everything and still has it. i pray him a happy and long life and whoever read this.
Shreya 18 giờ trước
This is one of the best and saddest songs he's written
lorena 18 giờ trước
He informing his true feeling’s money and fame and still missing something deep ..
Keke O.T
Keke O.T 18 giờ trước
you can just hear the pain
RøGƏR Æ 18 giờ trước
ARMY BANGTAN 18 giờ trước
Thanks to Netflix for bringing it back . Would never forget my childhood movie ! I just finished watching it and quickly came here
Gaurav Sp
Gaurav Sp 18 giờ trước
Ohh god his voice is too good ❤️❤️
Hassan Kabir
Hassan Kabir 18 giờ trước
We all true belieber’s Have grown with Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber was hated in early age. But for true belieber’s it’s not a fact. We all had ignored that with full of emotions🥺. And we all knew that one day Justin Bieber will called as a legend. And now the whole world want Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber is now so much famous.That is really a big victory of belieber’s 😢. And we all proud to be a belieber ☺️. thanks true belieber’s for a long patience 😊
mariuspy 18 giờ trước
Za Wardo
Za Wardo 18 giờ trước
Wait is he trying to get deep now
Luffy King
Luffy King 18 giờ trước
huge comeback of justin
Jissa Joseph
Jissa Joseph 18 giờ trước
That last holy!!!!!
ro___ro ali
ro___ro ali 18 giờ trước
Good!! I still love it after 10 yrs
Janequele Campos do Amaral
Janequele Campos do Amaral 18 giờ trước
Este é o comentário brasileiro que estas a procurar
Esterina Winter
Esterina Winter 18 giờ trước
The song that always keeps me coming back, and makes me miss
Khareen Gonzaga
Khareen Gonzaga 18 giờ trước
Beto Toc
Beto Toc 18 giờ trước
Alguien q hablé español 😂
Akhil KB
Akhil KB 18 giờ trước
Why you so lonely??? NOW Hailey bieber with you.. do you want anyone more??? 🤣🤣😜😜