Outcry Premiere TVMA
3 tháng trước
Randy Gonzalez
Randy Gonzalez 8 giờ trước
damn he fast af!
Don 001
Don 001 8 giờ trước
Tank is a monster..he on another level..,niggas can’t see him
Kenneth Limoa
Kenneth Limoa 8 giờ trước
Its different MMA and Boxing, MMA uses feet and boxing uses hands only bro
AntMan 8 giờ trước
Something tells me this fight will go exactly like Teofimo vs Loma, only Leo is going to actually punch and get caught by a shot that will drop him. Davis is too big.
Christian Wallace
Christian Wallace 8 giờ trước
Pointless fight.Tank will blow away Leo.
Anthony Bailie
Anthony Bailie 8 giờ trước
Think Tank will take it ... lot respect for leo !!best fighter win !🥊🥊
john the love
john the love 8 giờ trước
Ooowww he gets really really nervous🤦🤣🤣 the other fighter when he fight is so very very laughing 😆😆
W 8 giờ trước
where’s gervonta?
Citizen of the World
Citizen of the World 8 giờ trước
I don't get this fight at all.. Loe is way too light.
Andy G
Andy G 8 giờ trước
They just wanna give Tank another knockout highlight to build him up lol
Muhammed Ali
Muhammed Ali 8 giờ trước
Leo should have done the Abner Mares trick and get himself a detached retina .😂
Dilan Artz
Dilan Artz 8 giờ trước
Buena pelea
H Hernandez324
H Hernandez324 8 giờ trước
What’s the song that starts at 13:00?? Someone??
Zacker 8 giờ trước
Justin morales - desde morro
Marc Sepulveda
Marc Sepulveda 8 giờ trước
Listen nothing last forever,everybody is a great fighter.the fact is....these fighters are gonna meet there match
Lee Bolden
Lee Bolden 8 giờ trước
DMV stand up!!
Mario Gonzalez
Mario Gonzalez 8 giờ trước
Cheeseburger Davies can’t handle Lopez, Haney or Garcia. At 25 he should already be an established fighter.
Michael 8 giờ trước
Salute to Cruz, good luck to you bro. Keep rising. May the best man win. Great episode!
KoA 8 giờ trước
51:59 uuuuh, Davies smokes Gamboa like a Cuban cigar......and the case was rested!!!!
Aphichat Sabai
Aphichat Sabai 8 giờ trước
Maybe other way around Mayweather in MMA. To be fair.
Dez Kong
Dez Kong 9 giờ trước
At 14:12 I think the other level Santa Cruz speaks of is Heaven.
Michael 9 giờ trước
Salute to Mayweather mentoring the young Black fighters. He's in a powerful position to monopolize boxing so that Black Men can sustain our power in boxing forever. Salute to AL Haymon & Mayweather. 💪🏿
Do gg
Do gg 9 giờ trước
Lopez want belts and these clowns only money
TIKTOK MSTR 9 giờ trước
goodwork good run
Andre martin
Andre martin 9 giờ trước
I like the way they both commit to one another Coach Calvin and Tank
Otis Thelonius
Otis Thelonius 9 giờ trước
Definitely reppin for the home team. #CharmCity
Arrow Head
Arrow Head 9 giờ trước
Going to be a great fight. Let the best MAN win.
TheLU83 9 giờ trước
He needs to fight Tank the way he way fought Frampton the second ×2
Demoniiiic 9 giờ trước
Don't see how leo can hold off gervonta. Hopefully he gets the w tho.
sxrg dope
sxrg dope 9 giờ trước
I like Davis but he fr has been hit in the head too much.
DevilMayCry Yeah
DevilMayCry Yeah 9 giờ trước
okay it needs a rematch Pacquiao as of the moment is greater than floyd after beating Thurman
petestreet100 9 giờ trước
Best boxer of all time and nobody can take that away from him.
amywjn 9 giờ trước
UFC Champ Masvidal:vipost.info/from/video/yISLoprL2sW2pK4.html
Leonidas Alcantra
Leonidas Alcantra 10 giờ trước
Leo no pega nada esa serás la estrategia para DAVIS nokiarlo leo se de vevorda tirando yo Reconozco que Santa Cruz es el Boxeador que más tira golpe en todo lo tiempo pero alo que no pegan alo mejor con este pegador alo mejor le pase igual que alomanchenco y yo creo que.pierde por nakao
Асем Хамраева
Асем Хамраева 10 giờ trước
One Skill Point
One Skill Point 10 giờ trước
Floyd has the chance to be a better promoter and trainer than he was as a boxer.
xey claps
xey claps 10 giờ trước
maywheathers kids are so disrespectful and rude what has he taught his kids
jesse rios
jesse rios 10 giờ trước
He when 12 rounds with 1 leg
YungFlacko23 10 giờ trước
What’s the song called at 9:14
SMULE TB 10 giờ trước
Manny won the fight but robbery in american syndicate
Kevin D
Kevin D 10 giờ trước
Santa Cruz is very inspirational I hope he wins.
X Z 10 giờ trước
Serious question is tank slown? Like does he have a mental disability? He talks so slow and uneducated
DC DC 10 giờ trước
Cruz is a stand up guy I like him, but he got no chance against the tank
Eze quiel
Eze quiel 10 giờ trước
Ryan vs tank = Ryan wins, jajaja cry floyd
Leonid Pimentel
Leonid Pimentel 10 giờ trước
trainer/referee, Boxer they do not know what achilles tendon is ???, OMG this is so sad, these guy got his Achilles tendon broken or partially broken. ( same happened to Kevin Duran and he left the game, still he did not recover yet), nothing wrong with his shoe, I feel bad for Him.
Mashaaa 209
Mashaaa 209 10 giờ trước
Tank a star but how can you not root for Santa Cruz a great guy with a great family All the best to him.
Goldmouth sneaks
Goldmouth sneaks 10 giờ trước
Rose Gold gloves he won already Delaware to bmore
Rachmat Kaluku
Rachmat Kaluku 10 giờ trước
Adrian muka keong
Spider Man
Spider Man 11 giờ trước
I must admit. Davis got the dumbest looking sideburns EVER in the history of mankind.
Loupgarou 11 giờ trước
Reminds me of Margarito.
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 10 giờ trước
Davis you cant grow a beard shave the sides ffs
Biggs_BBS 11 giờ trước
Looking back at the fight, pac won cause he definitely was more active. If Ab go back to throwing he could still be a champ😴 Why he switch trainers?
Saun Drayton
Saun Drayton 11 giờ trước
@ GTD Stay Focus, Keep Your Cool, Dont SLEEP on Cruiz .. Animal Mindset
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 10 giờ trước
Mayweather thinks this is his All Access
oneel khan
oneel khan 11 giờ trước
Great fighter but a big ppv star not yet his character is not there yet.
BK Gerald
BK Gerald 11 giờ trước
AB could’ve been great but like tank said u can’t have 1 foot n da streets an 1 foot n da gym it ain’t gon work despite mayweather personality he is a winner u would have to b a fool not to follow his methods I’m proud of TANK fo having da heart to stick wit him an put his ego to da side dat was AB down fall now it’s TANK turn an I think he will b better den Floyd
reggieburris 11 giờ trước
DMV is behind Tank! However, you gotta love the Santa Cruz story!
Jose manuel Pantoja
Jose manuel Pantoja 11 giờ trước
Tank davis is too short. Santa Cruz has the height and reach, he knows how to box going backwards. Davis is going to be frustrated all night long.
GelatoGabe88 11 giờ trước
I like how Davis is getting a lot of help from a lot of people..trainer is right pay per view level is another monster.. and they know Leo Santa Cruz is no slouch
Axel del Lago
Axel del Lago 11 giờ trước
Man that ending is really something. You can feel his peace as he rides through the night after completing his tas, the task of a lifetime. This is something out a movie truly and it only happens in combat sports.
GelatoGabe88 11 giờ trước
I fucken love boxing!!!!!!!
Alejandro Pizarro
Alejandro Pizarro 11 giờ trước
Peligrosisimos lots dos . Alguien sabe cuantas peleas llevaba Lopez , cual era su record...
Alex Vodka
Alex Vodka 11 giờ trước
What you mean new generation Mickey bay was already 30
brown pride
brown pride 11 giờ trước
So what was wrong with the shoe i bet they glue together and send the poor guy to fight fucking corner sucks
Cameron kupka
Cameron kupka 11 giờ trước
when coach Calvin had tears in his eyes.. man that was deep, Tank is so blessed to have that man in his life.
TreyGuccii 11 giờ trước
Cruz seem like a great dude but I got tank KO
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz 11 giờ trước
Stop lying Mayweather you want nobody to feed your record 50 and o. Who you trying to kid bro.
Jacob Long
Jacob Long 11 giờ trước
Let’s go Davis
G Code 609
G Code 609 11 giờ trước
He gave the belt to his Pop that was 💯👏🏾
juju bone
juju bone 12 giờ trước
bull419 12 giờ trước
This chump Davis hasn't been tested yet, it's easy to be good when no one is hitting you back, a reckoning is coming.
Ty Robinson
Ty Robinson 12 giờ trước
Mayweather thinks this is his All Access
One Skill Point
One Skill Point 10 giờ trước
He's executive producer and it's under his promotion.... so part of it is his all-access, even if he's not the one fighting.
jlipstraw45 12 giờ trước
Davis you cant grow a beard shave the sides ffs
b z
b z 12 giờ trước
This fight is going to be so good
imjusthere8 12 giờ trước
Dude is punch drunk in his early 20s
BMG Kato
BMG Kato 12 giờ trước
Remember Kato?vipost.info/must/PLJoVxIW0a9jZVNXXSnWc2i19kaklPrZqs
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Silva 12 giờ trước
Like Santa Cruz but he’s too little for tank and they know that.
Anthony Gallego
Anthony Gallego 12 giờ trước
Spanish Song please ?
dlastdon1 12 giờ trước
Floyd is a bull shitter how come he never left his guy fight Lomachenko, now he have Lopez or Haney or even lomachenko come on and man up kid pick your poison, that’s how you’re going to make your millions not showing a flashing life style don’t worry you’ll pay for all that once you start having mega fight Floyd will hand you the bill..
Rafael Delgadillo
Rafael Delgadillo 12 giờ trước
Can’t wait for Santa Cruz to knock him out 💯
Alan Sanchez
Alan Sanchez 12 giờ trước
As much as I want Santa Cruz to win , Tank is a damn monster with a great mentor and is hungry to put his damn name out there in the big lights like Floyd it’s going to be a interesting fight
Teelynn Official
Teelynn Official 12 giờ trước
Lets Goooooo
the noob
the noob 12 giờ trước
why is this leo's first fight in a new division? they don't care about him