RoKai_SKy 14 giờ trước
Imagine while everyone is arguing Monty in the corner while everyone chilling just defending the diffuser 👁️👄👁️
H 14 giờ trước
Damn, these mf'ers just need to make it into some Netflix series already! Unreal effects, scripting and portrayal.
Vincent V
Vincent V 14 giờ trước
Looks like a better looking Division 2
Honey Money
Honey Money 14 giờ trước
Imagine how pissed ash will be when Barry officially hires a heist criminal on their team
chevy markham
chevy markham 14 giờ trước
Is ash defence now?
GodNoodle_ 14 giờ trước
The Gentleman
The Gentleman 14 giờ trước
Question; who would jump attack into a line of halberds?
zc 16
zc 16 14 giờ trước
Even this trailer at the end is proof of toxicity.
Ferny Fresh
Ferny Fresh 14 giờ trước
RIP Castle
TVDayZz 14 giờ trước
*Gets spawnpeeked by a autistic German*
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 14 giờ trước
I just want tachanka or fuze in one of these either one
Tigerkwan 14 giờ trước
Cav: they’ll be next year Next year: nope
Rex Roselo
Rex Roselo 15 giờ trước
Whens the next free weekend? Lookin to buy d game on its discount
Ivan 15 giờ trước
Is it cross-platform?
qeetz 15 giờ trước
Is it coop? (Playsation and xBox etc..)
RAGE Duckling
RAGE Duckling 15 giờ trước
What happened to the terrorism threat is that just over and this is the after math like this hole game idea would never happen at least publicly
galaxy gaming
galaxy gaming 15 giờ trước
How is ashes ear not ripped off
TVS26 15 giờ trước
I hate how smashers can use m power
Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng
Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng 15 giờ trước
Aditiya Pradana
Aditiya Pradana 15 giờ trước
Damn, that was sickkk
Little memer Gamer boi
Little memer Gamer boi 15 giờ trước
Ash:we do not use ppl as bait here! Me a Kali main:are you sure about that?
사탄 15 giờ trước
The imitation version of Captain America Civil War. It's a perfect subcompatible video.
MikeHawk 15 giờ trước
dont really see how it will be useful zofia and ash can do what the drone can but better imo but it will still be fun playing as sheer heart attack))
Babywolf 15 giờ trước
Castle = sad doge :(
Jeffer G
Jeffer G 15 giờ trước
cuando sale en ps4 ?
Joar Guttormsen
Joar Guttormsen 15 giờ trước
Any news?!
Tutuca02 16 giờ trước
A casita caveira 0:29
Jeice Ginyu
Jeice Ginyu 16 giờ trước
Give us 4k 60fps
Yuno's ProduQtion
Yuno's ProduQtion 16 giờ trước
Thats one badass operarot
Ark ozh
Ark ozh 16 giờ trước
no coop campaign?
Alex Hunter CDC
Alex Hunter CDC 16 giờ trước
Widow maker? Is that you?
Fallout 666
Fallout 666 16 giờ trước
Assassins Creed Games best!
ChrisG- 16 giờ trước
senni bgon
senni bgon 16 giờ trước
Damn was hoping for a bank rework as it would go with the theme of "heist"
Logan Brock
Logan Brock 16 giờ trước
They should really make a movie
Ricky is my uncle
Ricky is my uncle 16 giờ trước
Looks good. After 2 years of absence, you should have done this earlier. This could have kept alot more players. Im gonna give it a go. I was so damn tired of turtles.
Knowledge & News
Knowledge & News 16 giờ trước
I don't understand Ash keep damaged after the match. No one does.
Sean Patrick Gutierrez
Sean Patrick Gutierrez 16 giờ trước
aruni best girl
Adrian Klein
Adrian Klein 16 giờ trước
Twitch's drone can't jump because it's too heavy, but sure, a drone loaded with armour and explosives can just fly through the air and seamlessly stick to anything.. . Remove the jumping part and Im kind of fine with it, but this is ridiculous, it makes castle even more useless as well as many other (in my opinion already too weak) defenders.
senni bgon
senni bgon 16 giờ trước
I can already see the nerfs on this guy
Luka Šapina
Luka Šapina 17 giờ trước
Attacker? You mean giver?
Steven Martinez
Steven Martinez 17 giờ trước
Lmao death of siege with being able to change characters mid prep phase lol 😂
K crad
K crad 17 giờ trước
Whelp, time to wait for a RussianBadger video
Braddah.Ayden 17 giờ trước
3:03 poor thermite he didnt do anything and then he gets pushed by a 6’3 man😭
Honcho Luis
Honcho Luis 17 giờ trước
Kali playing like randoms who use kali and dont get anywhere near objective until it’s late.
Mizanul Hoque
Mizanul Hoque 17 giờ trước
Siege: Civil War
Alborz.T.10 17 giờ trước
why ash isnt use her angel grip ?
Robert Dodd
Robert Dodd 17 giờ trước
that was cool
Dudeman Rockin
Dudeman Rockin 17 giờ trước
This damn game has been out for 10 years and they’re just now adding a story mode. Siege is the worst Rainbow Six ever made. Garbage. Yeah I could have skipped past this, but that’s how much I hate this game.
Tianna Martin
Tianna Martin 17 giờ trước
Bro RIP all castle mains
KillaNation 17 giờ trước
These Short Clips Show That R6 Is Compatible To Be Put Into Sum Kind Of Movie And/Or Show. Just Do It ‼️ As Nike Said
Kyle Chan Yap Kai
Kyle Chan Yap Kai 17 giờ trước
Ppl be like where the new modern Splinter cell game Me be like that music when he comes in is sick, can we have a full version followed by an extended version
Albaraa Bahaddad
Albaraa Bahaddad 17 giờ trước
im really really sad that tachanka couldn't be in this animation i know they just started but there so many thing they've missed that could've made this animation any better like adding more operator like fuze,warden,nokk,kapkan,the whole gsc-9 and other factor that could've made this better like expanding the story or something but either way its good and i love it
photomandude 17 giờ trước
Rainbow six’s civil war lol cool cinematic tho
Faraz Fakhari
Faraz Fakhari 17 giờ trước
What is his gun?
Albaraa Bahaddad
Albaraa Bahaddad 17 giờ trước
look i know this is an animation and all but can someone explain how the frick are these bullet not killing the operator there aren't pellet to begin with
ErrikOS MANOYSAKHS 18 giờ trước
Ok now we need a vid with smoke mute , vigil and cav murdering everyone with excessive violence while their masks make them look like the do not know the words emotion or mercy and cav is just tryharding
Albaraa Bahaddad
Albaraa Bahaddad 18 giờ trước
if clash was here , im pretty sure she would have punched kali 200,000 then burn her then throw her in the ocean and then calm down
Bleh Bruh
Bleh Bruh 18 giờ trước
DDAAAAQMN poop is about to get serious.... Anyway, ain't nobody is going to talk about how beautiful Mira is?
Sidney Rain Bucu
Sidney Rain Bucu 18 giờ trước
I Want Cider
I Want Cider 18 giờ trước
Everything wrong with the for honor community can be seen in comment sections
HENRYFAM OFICE 18 giờ trước
Imagine this game as GTA Online in London.
Fiery Tiger Gaming
Fiery Tiger Gaming 18 giờ trước
Would be nice...
Connor Maughan
Connor Maughan 18 giờ trước
The game is absolutely dead only replaying it to get that platinum trophy on ps5
Ganderlow 18 giờ trước
Worst AC game ever
Alexis Fighter
Alexis Fighter 18 giờ trước
For the next Ghost Recon (hope the enemies are the cult in Japan/Amber Sky), please keep the AI teammates, give us new teammates so that the Ghosts expand more in characters. Love Holt, Midas, Weaver, Vassily, Fury and Fixit but please add three new teammates for Nomad on the next game. Love your game!!! New player here, btw ^^ v
Johnny nguyen
Johnny nguyen 18 giờ trước
BRUH this one gonna counter mute, Bandit, maestro...
Jakub Bohaty
Jakub Bohaty 18 giờ trước
Is it just me or does wd2 just do everything better than watch dogs legion ?
Jakub Bohaty
Jakub Bohaty 15 giờ trước
@trickyflix watch dogs legion had terrible hacking terrible cars boring customisation terrible voice acting terrible abilities.
trickyflix 15 giờ trước
It is not just you, you are absolutely spittin facts
919dd 18 giờ trước
Wheres the bloodline DLC?
aba 97
aba 97 19 giờ trước
RIP to the helicopter guy.. we had some great moments but you won't be missed smh
Bluegills 19 giờ trước
Jokes on you ash, you are the bait LUL