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chen_bao_ yu
chen_bao_ yu 22 giờ trước
idk why but this really help me cheer up when I get mad, angry at my crush or depressed. I'm obbssed with this
Leandra Badema
Leandra Badema 22 giờ trước
OMG!!!! I love you
Pilar Amico
Pilar Amico 22 giờ trước
Alguien acá que hable español? :v
Proxy 22 giờ trước
Okay so who is actually still hearing this on 2020?
Nelaine Puna
Nelaine Puna 22 giờ trước
adorei a musica 😍
Rondo Glo
Rondo Glo 22 giờ trước
anyone else think that a boogie and Justin bieber should collab ?
anju dazo
anju dazo 22 giờ trước
They should collab for an album!
김가이 22 giờ trước
Came here after Mark, Lucas and Winwin suggested me this song.
Brittany Paden
Brittany Paden 22 giờ trước
Who ever came from gacha life and heard this is a epic person
Liz 22 giờ trước
They both share similar struggles and it's nice to see them being vulnerable together within the lyrics
Isaiah once
Isaiah once 22 giờ trước
99% of the comment section now: “Omg he wrote this for Camila”
Rainei T
Rainei T 22 giờ trước
Now we need Camila and Selena collaboration.
Makayla Allen
Makayla Allen 22 giờ trước
The beginning reminded me of the Hogwarts Train ❤but I'm in love with this song AMAZING 😍
•Boss• •Bitch•
•Boss• •Bitch• 22 giờ trước
Admita:não é a primeira vez que você ta aqui
Pei Chen
Pei Chen 22 giờ trước
My god powerful
andressa cazuza
andressa cazuza 22 giờ trước
Alguém br
yo_zuzia 12
yo_zuzia 12 22 giờ trước
Who listens in 2020?
Seftia Andriani
Seftia Andriani 22 giờ trước
Citra Melinda
Citra Melinda 22 giờ trước
Winwin rekomendasiin lagu ini
MAYURI BHAND 22 giờ trước
"WONDER" is not only a song , it is Mindblowing experience !!! 🦋
Kimemakeup 22 giờ trước
Amo 👌🏻❤️
Veronica Núñez
Veronica Núñez 22 giờ trước
... Dude I'm so sorry for my belieber days, I'm trully sorry dude.
capi gonzález
capi gonzález 22 giờ trước
Que pinche calidad vocal neta.
Thu Trương
Thu Trương 22 giờ trước
Monse Sandoval
Monse Sandoval 22 giờ trước
Camila L
Camila L 22 giờ trước
Claudia Mendes
Claudia Mendes 22 giờ trước
Adil Saneen
Adil Saneen 22 giờ trước
Let's see how many peoples are watching this today👇
Camila L
Camila L 22 giờ trước
Omg shawnnnn
Dobi 22 giờ trước
When you watch/listen to a song after so many times and start thinking about it more....the chorus after Justin's verse hits different. He sings the first part with "what if I trip/fall?" like he got back on track...moved on from his past after everything but if he says/does something wrong he'll be shamed by the media/people again (made "the monster") and Shawn's part with "what if I sin/break?" he's always been protrayed as the good guy so if he does or says something wrong then he'll be shamed by the media/people. I may be looking to deep into it but thought it was cool way to look at it (intentional or not on the artists/writers part). Such an amazing song by two amazing artists that get better as they grow older (which isn't easy in the industry they went in).
Camila L
Camila L 22 giờ trước
Idotic Moron
Idotic Moron 22 giờ trước
How is no one talking about how true this song is? Literally. Everyone’s always holding this celebs to an unrealistic standard. Everyone makes mistakes. Just because they’re famous don’t mean they’re perfect. I understand how it can SEEM that way because they never really show or their hardship, struggles, shitty low points in life. Ok yeah, it’s good to correct someone’s behavior if they’re doing something ACTUALLY wrong. Like using a racist slur or physically harming another person or animal. But cancelling someone because they cheated, or you think they’re being “rude” to someone else is fucking stupid OR if they have a different political view then you.The celebs aren’t toxic it’s y’all. You speculate and harass these people constantly. Also, IF they fucking apologize fucking leave it alone. I don’t care if you think they aren’t being sincere or being fake.They apologized it’s what YOU asked for and last time I checked you ain’t a mind reader either. To y’all saying “oh I’ve never said anything offensive in my life blah, blah” yes, you probably have. You just don’t have millions of people watching you, every word that comes out of your mouth so you wouldn’t KNOW.
NIna Engel
NIna Engel 22 giờ trước
Nobody: Justin just a few years ago: "Who's Shawn Mendes?"
Kayleigh Davis
Kayleigh Davis 22 giờ trước
i was wholly unprepared for how fine shawn looks in this video
MISS WHODa 22 giờ trước
I mean, I got to enjoy these without thinking about streaming... Unlike kpop songs
Tay 22 giờ trước
I miss concerts. I went to see Shawn last April at the O2 and he was so good. Can’t wait to see him again one day.
dunia ricarici
dunia ricarici 22 giờ trước
Justin 2015 :who's shawn mendes ? Justin 2020 : explain why he said like that.. Shawn : i believe you
Anaid Garcia
Anaid Garcia 22 giờ trước
This song is perfect, i love it
Maisa Travalini Grossi
Maisa Travalini Grossi 22 giờ trước
Tyandra Bennett
Tyandra Bennett 22 giờ trước
Me : Sees Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber in thr title Also me : BREAKS PHONE SCREEN
Fej Lapez
Fej Lapez 22 giờ trước
bella jones
bella jones 22 giờ trước
Manjula Manjula
Manjula Manjula 22 giờ trước
Best song
Nang Nang
Nang Nang 22 giờ trước
Mark's watermelon
Mark's watermelon 22 giờ trước
I love these Canadians
Monse Sandoval
Monse Sandoval 22 giờ trước
Monse Sandoval
Monse Sandoval 22 giờ trước
Games Criminal
Games Criminal 22 giờ trước
Among us the best assassisns😂😂😂👇👇
Arroba Trouxinha
Arroba Trouxinha 23 giờ trước
"ai minha pressaum"
Londiwe Ngcobo
Londiwe Ngcobo 23 giờ trước
I see more of these coming our way,the vocals!!
Luz Cerdan
Luz Cerdan 23 giờ trước
This deserves a Grammy.
myriam mbali
myriam mbali 23 giờ trước
I love bey, but i can’t stand that adidas add
Flow Deja
Flow Deja 23 giờ trước
on repeat
Flow Deja
Flow Deja 23 giờ trước
her love is quite like a drug i dont care if i overdose i will not run the monster in my head said this is far from done
Flow Deja
Flow Deja 23 giờ trước
this makes me wanna dance
Antonio mullin
Antonio mullin 23 giờ trước
Jon Screen
Jon Screen 23 giờ trước
Oh right I get it, he's gay.
Camila L
Camila L 22 giờ trước
well he is in a relationship rn
เหงาเหมือนกันไหม 23 giờ trước
Olamide Kofo
Olamide Kofo 23 giờ trước
Am really obsess with this song.
Saugat Arts
Saugat Arts 23 giờ trước
Karen Santorum
Karen Santorum 23 giờ trước
Karen Santorum
Karen Santorum 23 giờ trước
Karen Santorum
Karen Santorum 23 giờ trước
I LOVE IT 😻😻😻😻❤️❤️❤️
Ashirvad Kashyap
Ashirvad Kashyap 23 giờ trước
Please check out my "Wonder' cover. I put a lot of effort into it, would love it if you do <3
Ashirvad Kashyap
Ashirvad Kashyap 23 giờ trước
Please check out my "Wonder' cover. I put a lot of effort into it, would love it if you do <3
Ashirvad Kashyap
Ashirvad Kashyap 23 giờ trước
Please check out my "Wonder' cover. I put a lot of effort into it, would love it if you do <3
Ashirvad Kashyap
Ashirvad Kashyap 23 giờ trước
Please check out my "Wonder' cover. I put a lot of effort into it, would love it if you do <3
Tony Losong
Tony Losong 23 giờ trước
Next Justin Bieber ft Charle Puth
Vionica Yolanda
Vionica Yolanda 23 giờ trước
Me focusing myself on shawn's double steps
Jhon Anthony DLS
Jhon Anthony DLS 23 giờ trước
Luz Cerdan
Luz Cerdan 23 giờ trước
TRIS YT 23 giờ trước
Amaya Paola Ramirez Jimenez
Amaya Paola Ramirez Jimenez 23 giờ trước
Shawn with Selena Gómez
Andrew Glover
Andrew Glover 23 giờ trước
Me to
Aakrity bhatta
Aakrity bhatta 23 giờ trước
This song sounds like "strip that down" by liam payne 😍😁
Sofia Prangova
Sofia Prangova 23 giờ trước
Beautiful battle, of equal.
Gary Baron
Gary Baron 23 giờ trước
Absolutely amazing 🔥
ASMARA H. G 23 giờ trước
{Bill Murray } Lost in translation -> lost in Japan {Shawn}
Real good song <3
Anniê Meira
Anniê Meira 23 giờ trước
Qual o motivo do seu dislike?? What is the reason for your dislike??