Jamie L
Jamie L 3 giờ trước
I’m Korean but still watching this ‘cause I couldn’t understand what they’re saying 😂
damn투혼 3 giờ trước
가사도너무좋고 노래도너무좋고 젤좋다 ㅜ
김현정 3 giờ trước
가사가..왠지 엄마의 시점 같아요.. 따뜻한 물은 양수가 아닐까요?
Lakham Kynter
Lakham Kynter 3 giờ trước
I like the part of jisoo.. "like eee eee ee.."
보은。 3 giờ trước
구오즈는언제나 노래제목처럼 친한 friend,친구일것같습니다 ㅠ 태태오빠랑 망개옵 우정 영원해야해요~☁︎
Ali BTS 3 giờ trước
saw comments here talking abt jisoo and jennie but i haven't saw anyone talking about how rosé and lisa slayed this song
Prowler berry
Prowler berry 3 giờ trước
2016 boombayh: jennie: blackpink in your area 2016 whistle: no one 2016 pwd: no one 2016 stay: no one 2017 as if it's ur last: lisa: blackpink in your area 2018 duu-du-duu: no one 2018 forever Young: no one 2018 so hot: jennie: blackpink in your area 2019 kill this love: lisa: blackpink in your area 2019 don't know what to do: no one 2020 hylt: lisa: blackpink in your area 2020 ice cream: no one 2020 sour candy: no one 2020 lovesick girls: no one 2020 u never know: no one 2020 love to hate me: no one 2020 bet u wanna: no one 2020 crazy over u: no one 2020 pretty savage: JISOO: blackpink in your area Yesssssssssssss finally Thank u Love u Blackpink Let's get as if it's ur last to 1B we can do it
# unknown_
# unknown_ 3 giờ trước
엄정화 톤 진짜 미쳤음. 엄정화 때문에 듣는 재미가 올라감.
Lyrically Lachi
Lyrically Lachi 3 giờ trước
I love everyone's voice But look at Jimin's pic
Ahsan Jamil
Ahsan Jamil 3 giờ trước
Sound the alarms sounds like saudia arabs.If anyone felt like me please like and comment
rosalicious87 3 giờ trước
I think it’s “feeling me now” not “film it now”
• Sabely •
• Sabely • 3 giờ trước
Minha opinião:eu queria q pretty savage que tivesse mv lovesick girls n tem mta gente que gosta do tipo de música assim triste e blá blá blá e dá pra ver isso pq lovesick girls tem 100 e poucas milhões de vews e tipo blackpink sempre passa de 200 milhões sabe entt sla eu acho que pretty savage seria bem melhor que lovesick girls pra ter mv....(obs):lembrando que é só minha opinião
4AM Reflections
4AM Reflections 3 giờ trước
RM's every solos and colab songs are so underappreciated by fandom and most of armys don't even know many of his songs exist. His every MV's get least no of views. Fandom should stop sleeping on RM. He is master when it comes to writing or creating music but still only few people recognize his works. 🤷‍♂️
Cm Lion
Cm Lion 3 giờ trước
Omg after listening to every song of bts me be like:Just bow to the kings🤴
RAFA SAYYED 3 giờ trước
Jennie rap part??😭😭
Izhaan Noor Khan
Izhaan Noor Khan 4 giờ trước
BLACKPINK: Lovesick Girls Jisoo: You Never Know Jennie: Crazy Over You Rose': Love To Hate Me Lisa: Pretty Savage Cardi B: Bet You Wanna Blinks: Album
C-anajoEva Aguon
C-anajoEva Aguon 4 giờ trước
am i the only one who thinks all the good song didnt get a mv then the ok ones did :< it just a op im not saying the one that got mvs are bad there good just i think >:( anyways have a gd blinks love ya :> <3
S a R a H
S a R a H 4 giờ trước
Dingga means what?
Mahira Nawar
Mahira Nawar 4 giờ trước
"Tell me why you still walking with us" Hits hard BTS is that group that roamed in the streets and asking people to attend their concert. Even if it seemed they were shy and embarrassed. Everyday and night they would make music, maybe even got tried of themselves, but they still went on. BTS is that group who thought themselves as burden, who thought that they will never make it and end up disbanding. But did they stop, no. They tried their best to reach the light. And now they have their own light, and giving us courage to reach the same light. BTS is that group who watched other groups and made a dream. They watched other idols make fireworks, and have fans shouting their names. But now, they make their own concert, and watch them make their own firework. BTS is that group, the strated out small, from a small company. They started with only 100 fans in their concert. And now they have created an sea, sea of their own fans, who are supporting them. BTS is that group, who were in the shadows, who were broke. And now they are the biggest boy band in Korea, with fans all over the world. And why did this happen, because of their hard work and us ARMY. They never walk alone, we are with them. If they face a problem, so do we. Their world is our world, their fight is our fight, their pride is our pride. We are one family, with 7 angels. And that's why we are walking with them, so they never walk alone. Love you BTS.
Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer 4 giờ trước
Namchoy Retis
Namchoy Retis 4 giờ trước
Rose ‘s part was like giving you mean girls vibes.
Mozibor Rahman Sabbir
Mozibor Rahman Sabbir 4 giờ trước
Tasfiya Sayed
Tasfiya Sayed 4 giờ trước
This song is different from other Blackpink songs because of its lyrics.other songs maybe on being savage and everything . But this song is on people's hatred towards you but still you shine✨✨✨
Tombisana Senjam
Tombisana Senjam 4 giờ trước
This song tells us not to be addicted to bts but... the fact that we are addicted to this song even more 😆
My Tran Nguyen
My Tran Nguyen 4 giờ trước
Moomoos! please dont watch any lyric video YET since we need to stream Dingga in the main channel! we still have our goals to do! please go there!
아이스크린miracle 4 giờ trước
로제가 부른 아마 다 잠깐일지도 몰라 우린 무얼찾아 해매는걸까 그부분 넘 좋다
jisoo is miss korea don't mistreat her
jisoo is miss korea don't mistreat her 4 giờ trước
Sound the alarms Charge One of the iconic lines of bp Feat somi ring the alarm
Hobi's smile !
Hobi's smile ! 4 giờ trước
Reproduzcan el mv original gente!!!
Zak Waters
Zak Waters 4 giờ trước
0:39 I quit my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
홍임정 4 giờ trước
왜 제니만 주인공 같으 예뿌게 하지??? 다른 사람도 인기가 좀 았게 해 주세요. 항상 제니만 예뿌게 하니까 악플을 다네요
김희정 4 giờ trước
화사가 왜 여기 합류했는지 노래 들으니 정말 알것같네요! ! 그렇게나 노래를 잘하는지 예전에 몰라봐서 죄송ㅎ~제시음색 확실히 임팩트있고. 멋짐 .. 정화언니는 역시가 역시네요. . 자꾸 귀벌레처럼 맴도는 부분이 섹시한듯 안아주고싶은 여리여리한 정화언니 음색!! 이전 최고 전성기때가 생각나네요. . 효리언니 목소리도 전체적인 밸러스에 딱이구요!!!! 네분다 정말 너무너무 멋지네요. . ♥~~
MiraculouslyLazy 4 giờ trước
Love this song! ❤️
I’m Jhope
I’m Jhope 4 giờ trước
Who’s listening while answering their modules?❤️
Siti Tohariyah
Siti Tohariyah 5 giờ trước
Why is BTS voice good? And also the person is handsome again. You are definitely not in vain to be an Army, right? Answer yes? 😍🥰😘
Mimi CR
Mimi CR 5 giờ trước
¿Por qué nadie habla acerca de que Lisa dijo LOCO? OMG, en españoool!!
Jhen Ceriola
Jhen Ceriola 5 giờ trước
I love it when Rose say SAVAGE !!!! with the high tone haha
Eyes Wide Open
Eyes Wide Open 5 giờ trước
So basically, Jisoo said "blackpink in your area", but people be like it's lisa. I recommend you to listen PRETTY SAVAGE ACAPELLA
배주은 5 giờ trước
Rashmi thapa
Rashmi thapa 5 giờ trước
Blackpink copied this song from bts. If you don't believe me then listen bts silver spoon/crow tit/baepsae.
BlinksPy Blackpink
BlinksPy Blackpink 5 giờ trước
I'm a Blink but this song is SOTY ah
friedegge 5 giờ trước
This song reminds me of Mean Girls and I’m loving it
Mario Longcop
Mario Longcop 5 giờ trước
동생 5 giờ trước
Aisha Sanneh
Aisha Sanneh 5 giờ trước
Lisa looks like a doll and I'm here for it!!
totty 5 giờ trước
lisa didn’t have to pop off like that
Rosè Avocado
Rosè Avocado 5 giờ trước
khyrei tiria
khyrei tiria 5 giờ trước
and jin
khyrei tiria
khyrei tiria 5 giờ trước
i love taehyung
Kimberly Arevalo
Kimberly Arevalo 5 giờ trước
Lisa ❤️❤️❤️
타는쓰레기 5 giờ trước
화사 힘들텐데 다 하고다니네
Dipika Balami
Dipika Balami 5 giờ trước
I don't know what will be my life without bts
too kool
too kool 5 giờ trước
am I the only one who think 'dingga' is like la di da but brighter? Dynamite but la di da style, yall know what I mean lmao
김석진2년째최애 5 giờ trước
솔직히 이때 노래가 더 내취향이다
Ateez’s Manager
Ateez’s Manager 6 giờ trước
This had 11 million yesterday .. now it has 12 million .. :0
MR JEON 6 giờ trước
Is only me or not? Cause this song fits the "how you like that"choreography in the chorus of it😳
MR JEON 5 giờ trước
In the chorus of this song and in the chorus of "how you like that"it fits perfect😳
Brianna A.R.M.Y
Brianna A.R.M.Y 6 giờ trước
Is this song suppose to explain something because I definetly understand it. 😭
요래 6 giờ trước
핼로우tv 6 giờ trước
박하림 6 giờ trước
이효리 사진 왜 저런걸로..
kim gaby
kim gaby 6 giờ trước
Namjoon seu PERFEITOO.😍😍❤️❤️
Gabriela Kohler
Gabriela Kohler 6 giờ trước
춤추고운동하는현주 6 giờ trước
마마무언니들노래 듣자마자 넘좋타
Anna Jones
Anna Jones 6 giờ trước
I love it ❤️❤️❤️😸😸😸😉😉😉😉🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😻😻😻😻😻💋💋💋💋💋💋💋😆😆😆😆🌹👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋😻😳😳😳😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Claudia Melgar
Claudia Melgar 6 giờ trước
If bp doesn’t release a music vid IM GONNA GO CRAZY!!!!!
Lilia Landicho
Lilia Landicho 6 giờ trước
RM: Study for your Test ME: Uhhhhhh......HOW DID YOU KNOW I HAVE MODULES?
jeniel cross
jeniel cross 6 giờ trước
I got this bop
Featherine Augustus Aurora
Featherine Augustus Aurora 6 giờ trước
It sounds about like plant vs zombies
아무거나 리뷰하는사람
아무거나 리뷰하는사람 6 giờ trước
kiros 6 giờ trước
Jisoo's english part got me. Her unique voice sounds so well with english.
Eisya Fariz
Eisya Fariz 6 giờ trước
what does dingga mean??
Bilen Abebe
Bilen Abebe 6 giờ trước
i think the one who said blackpink in your area was lisa then jisso was the only one to say you better run run run
ᄒ뚜뚬서현 6 giờ trước
Rayliyah Mack
Rayliyah Mack 6 giờ trước
jisoo said you better run run run
Riza Mae Mallannao
Riza Mae Mallannao 7 giờ trước
One of my favorite song of them cause tha chorus means a lot to me cause every one keep bullying me cause of my attitude and look But they never know. Its easier to judge me than to believe :) ;(
•YumiFlix 7 giờ trước
0:16 "splish splash (×2)" - Lisa & Rosé 0:28 "(racks, racks) - Jisoo & Lisa 0:43 "Wake up, yeah" - Jennie "Make up, maybe" -Lisa & Jennie "I need you, nah" - Lisa "I been good lately" - Jennie "Blowin' up, Workin' busy" -Jenlisa 1:17 "Me down, me down (me down) - Lisa & Jisoo 1:45 "Love, l-l-love l-l-love" - Jisoo, Lisa & Rosé 1:48 "How you love to hate me? Love l-l-love l-l-love" - Rosé, Jennie & Jisoo 2:20 "(Stupid, stupid (stupid)" - Rosé, Lisa & Jennie 2:25 "Love l-l-love l-l-love" - Rosé, Jisoo & Jennie 2:28 "How you love to hate me, love l-l-love, l-l-love" - Jisoo, Rosé & Lisa 2:40 "How you love to hate {...}" - Rosé, Lisa & Jisoo 2:47 "hate me" - Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo & Rosé
daphne ong
daphne ong 7 giờ trước
Looks like im not the only one in love with jhope's part... his voice is really so so nice lol im in love🥰
•YumiFlix 7 giờ trước
Every "Ah?" - Jisoo "BLACKPINK in your area" (×2) - Jisoo & Lisa "Rrrrr" - Jennie 1:08 "Bah dah {...}" - Jisoo 2:05 "You better run, run run" -Jisoo 2:33 (wIsh yoU wouLd)" - Rosé (I- Jennie/ U - Jisoo \ L - Lisa 2:49 "(YoU KnOW)" - Jennie (U OW -Lisa) 3:14 "so pretty pretty pretty pretty." - Lisa
Janella denise Napiza
Janella denise Napiza 7 giờ trước
Again jisoo has a little line
stfu i'm kook's bananamilk
stfu i'm kook's bananamilk 7 giờ trước
The lyrics.....makes me breakdown
Jimin's mochi
Jimin's mochi 7 giờ trước
Me being Greek: *acts cool* Bts: *dionysus* Me: _OH MY GAWD_ 🥴