Sub Urban - PATCHWERK (with Two Feet) [Official Music Video]

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Sub Urban

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Director: Andrew Donoho
Producer: Valerie Bush
Production Company: Huffman Creative
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Director - Andrew Donoho
Creative Director - Sub Urban
Producer - Valerie Bush
Executive Producer - Ryan Huffman
Production Company - Huffman Creative
Head of Production - Luke Arreguin
Manager, Production - Katie Sarrels
Production Supervisor - Julio Mata Jr.
Production Manager - Christine Park
Production Coordinator - Chris Fish
Label - Warner Records
VP of Creative Services - Devin Sarno
VP of A&R - Stefan Max
Two Feet MGMT - Michael Ehrlich
Two Feet MGMT - Peter Rugo
Director Rep - Doug Klinger @ Reprobates
Director of Photography - Nick Bupp
1st AC - Bryce Platz
2nd AC - Dusty Saunders
Steadicam - Erdem Ertal
Ronin - Benji Dell
DIT - Sydney Schnurrenberger
BTS - Lorenzo Belassen
1st AD - Peter Maestrey
2nd AD - Dustin Godwin
Gaffer - Blake Farmer
BBE - Isaak Van Der Meulen
Electric - Joe Escandell
Electric - Matt Tuppen
Key Grip - Alex Picasso
BBG - Mikey Tell
Grip - Jose Aguilar
Grip - Ryker Wells
Grip - Daniel Vlahos
Grip - Nathon Giordano
Grip Assistant - David Self
Production Designer - Tyler Jensen
Art Coordinator - Marisa Papavero
Set Decorator - Sandra Victori
Set Dresser - Joseph Salcedo
Leadman - Danny Erb
Set Dresser - Eric Moore
Set Dresser - Jesse Hotchkiss
Set Dresser - Cesar Mojica
Set Dresser - Jason Smith
Stylist - Lisa Madonna
Stylist Assistant - Chelsie Baker
Sub Urban Team - Sophie Xavier
Sub Urban Team - Liam McCarthy
Two Feet's Team - Geoffrey Hufford
HMU Department Head - Alex Perrone
Key Hair/Makeup - Mazena Puksto
Production Assistant - Jesse Alexander
Production Assistant - AJ Rinella
Production Assistant - Samuel Smoot
Production Assistant - Nigel Cox
Production Assistant - Libby Stewart
Production Assistant - Elle Keseley
Production Assistant - Nick Reynolds
Casting Director - Michael Beaudry
COVID Compliance Officer - Cerra Mendez
Editor - Andrew Donoho
Colorist - Kris Smale
VFX - Buralqy Studios
Compositing - Ryan Game
Rotoscoping - Purple Patch
Goddess - Katherine Pegova
Goddess - Regina Bowman
Oh If I never get to show
Tell you all of the things I own
Fifteen hundred on alcohol
I’m feeling slow
Please let me go
Oh I’m sewing the patches
Right onto my skin
I’m counting the dollars
To buy me out
Oh I’m losing myself
To the competition
At what point did I start
To think that I’d
Cause I’ve got no soul
Live in a hole I dug
And i’ll fall apart
If I don’t get it
Oh I’m sewing the patches
Right onto my skin
I’m counting the dollars
To buy me out
Oh I’m losing myself
To the competition
At what point did I start
To think that I’d
Abusing all the functions in my head
I’ll just buy my chemicals instead
You’re so loud
Why’re you so loud
You’re so loud
Why’re you so loud
Oh I’m sewing the patches
Right onto my skin
I’m counting the dollars
To buy me out
Oh I’m losing myself
To the competition
At what point did I start
To think that I’d
Sub Urban - PATCHWERK (with Two Feet) [Official Music Video]
#SubUrban #TwoFeet #PATCHWERK

Sub Urban
Sub Urban Tháng trước
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Eylül Beril
Eylül Beril 15 giờ trước
I like it very much is my opinion really interesting
M&F 3 ngày trước
Cant whate to find out what his next master piece will be 🕖🕡🕔🕞🕗🕥🕦🕤🕟🕘🕣🕢🕤🕓🕠🕐🕤
Adriana Mancilla
Adriana Mancilla 3 ngày trước
Yeah! Blood! I love this new song
María Dolores Cruz
María Dolores Cruz 3 ngày trước
S Awwwqqww Ssswew Wwe
Иван Лебедев
Иван Лебедев 4 ngày trước
Myroslava Zadvirna
Myroslava Zadvirna 48 phút trước
Suburban l love your music vids
Nikhil Singh Saini 9th B
Nikhil Singh Saini 9th B Giờ trước
What the hell was that white man
Baby Laugh
Baby Laugh Giờ trước
trong làn khói mờ ảo , tôi nghĩ tới thuyền trưởng jack ;-;;
Bastian _
Bastian _ 2 giờ trước
1:42 that edit do be litty.
Jon Downer
Jon Downer 3 giờ trước
I don’t mean to be negative but the concept of this reminds me of like a high school project.. good production tho . Keep working hard man
Hi oof
Hi oof 4 giờ trước
Where are the weird arm things that normally appear in his music?
audrey k 12
audrey k 12 5 giờ trước
Claire Stout
Claire Stout 5 giờ trước
Ngl I love him with a bit longer hair. 😍
Ceviche 6 giờ trước
0:21 " with two feet"
Vick vic
Vick vic 6 giờ trước
This looks better while tripping
Gil1.2.o Cool
Gil1.2.o Cool 7 giờ trước
finally a masterpiece is out
Nightmare Light
Nightmare Light 8 giờ trước
0:25 why does he look like debi from my hero academia. If no ones know about my hero academia it is a anime that I love to watch and debi is one of the villains from that anime or you can just google it.
Cat 8 giờ trước
New song lol
awful neva
awful neva 8 giờ trước
Sub Urban, can you pleaseeee collab with Poppy? I love this music video btw and I really like listening to Poppy and your music :) -One of your fans ♡︎
LaVacaFachera 10 giờ trước
Aquí los que hablan español 😎😎😎😎
Manijah Lewis
Manijah Lewis 10 giờ trước
Your songs are powerful i love the creepiest
kareema 11 giờ trước
i found about them yesterday.
Roxana Costache
Roxana Costache 13 giờ trước
I love your music 😍🖤❤️
Roz Honor2theKing
Roz Honor2theKing 13 giờ trước
Me again! I found a way out let me up to speak with the gang I need to deliver this information before I'm removed from the server
Kitten_ B0red
Kitten_ B0red 13 giờ trước
his music never diapoints me
¡CASREAM! 13 giờ trước
Is this a religion?
DMI 13 giờ trước
No entiendo una chota pero me gusta esta wea :)
otako anime
otako anime 15 giờ trước
all I wants to say love yourself
Maria Osuna
Maria Osuna 15 giờ trước
pump up the music
Cookie 15 giờ trước
I love negative, dark, blood, fire, hell, devils,... and thats why i love his music
Cookie 15 giờ trước
He ran out of money thats why hes back
Phannita Vongphanakhone
Phannita Vongphanakhone 17 giờ trước
Cinna Bunny
Cinna Bunny 18 giờ trước
Still not convinced this isn’t a fever dream. I love it though
Lil rell k Xx
Lil rell k Xx 18 giờ trước
Lil rell k Xx
Lil rell k Xx 18 giờ trước
This song was crazy
Thiên Sơn Official
Thiên Sơn Official 22 giờ trước
Thật ma mị
FSO M 22 giờ trước
When you click the wrong vid but still enjoy it
Zach Genis
Zach Genis 22 giờ trước
Thank you for making this masterpiece.
Alize Play
Alize Play Ngày trước
VLADGAVR Ngày trước
6 666 666 просмотров почти
sumon mih
sumon mih Ngày trước
Mehak Singh
Mehak Singh Ngày trước
Sincere Sincere lane cooper
Sincere Sincere lane cooper Ngày trước
If you don't know bout sub urban you living under a sewer fr😎😎😎😎
Brandon Ngày trước
He looks like Ezra Miller 😭
Hallojack Ngày trước
i hate this song so much omg
ltyfme 1
ltyfme 1 Ngày trước
Oreo cake
Oreo cake Ngày trước
This reminds me of Dabi 😃😳
Lucaaam GD
Lucaaam GD Ngày trước
Tristan Blizzard
Tristan Blizzard Ngày trước
Oh no sub has learned what blood is
George Wayne
George Wayne Ngày trước
Cradles:Hush Freakshow:banananana Patchwerk:UHH AHH Cirque:"strange noises in a car"
Victor Fernando Castro Avitud
Victor Fernando Castro Avitud Ngày trước
parese como alicia en el pais de las maravillas
Onesimo Diaz
Onesimo Diaz Ngày trước
First lil nas x now this masterpiece
Joshua Petric
Joshua Petric Ngày trước
Here before 7 mil views I’m suprised
Floofle The Woofle
Floofle The Woofle Ngày trước
What I find so weird is that I can imagine a apocalyptic world where it’s all characters from sub urban’s videos and the music plays in the background Or is that just me.....?
Bella Bleu
Bella Bleu Ngày trước
They need to create words for him, I have none, best I have is WOW
Valentina Nalerio
Valentina Nalerio Ngày trước
alguien en español?
Emiliano Domínguez Domínguez
Emiliano Domínguez Domínguez Ngày trước
Yo es adictiva sus canciones ati también se te hacen adictivas
silvia c
silvia c Ngày trước
tu cacion m l pelo
Quinten De ridder
Quinten De ridder Ngày trước
All his music videos are so good
Semana Santa Huelva
Semana Santa Huelva Ngày trước
Esto es arte visual
owo alien
owo alien Ngày trước
0:28 heheeeeee
ツSpectrum Ngày trước
this video is 222 long
Ayesha Siddiqua
Ayesha Siddiqua Ngày trước
Are you illuminate?
swarna0066 Ngày trước
@Mohammad Kausar I think it's possible ,
Mohammad Kausar
Mohammad Kausar Ngày trước
ChickNugget 6233
ChickNugget 6233 Ngày trước
Sirenhead's good lookin cousin Tubahead
Elochoz Ngày trước
Everytime my heart skips a beat because Patchwork is the name of my sona and!! This song it fitting for him!! AA
Christina Ngày trước
i love this f#cking song !
julian de jonge
julian de jonge Ngày trước
Like the olden times autfits are just perfect like perfect I hope that there will be More of this masterpiece 👍👍😁😁
Lodi Cocks
Lodi Cocks Ngày trước
its the Juuzou Cosplay for me✨
めだまやきはソース派。 2 ngày trước
bissou lou
bissou lou 2 ngày trước
This should be Mahito's theme song
Mui Koh
Mui Koh 2 ngày trước
Nobody: Me: Why not Feat? Instead of With...
꧁ ញa១iฦ * Lïã Fløwér ꧁ ញa១iฦ *
꧁ ញa១iฦ * Lïã Fløwér ꧁ ញa១iฦ * 2 ngày trước
Repent and be baptize follow the ten commandments Jesus is coming soon
Kev 101
Kev 101 2 ngày trước
Is this the only music video where the hand isn’t included (hopefully you guys know what I’m talking about)
Shinobi do mundo.
Shinobi do mundo. 2 ngày trước
Gosto de ver você costurado de mentira 🤣 me lembro de costurar com fio que minha mãe trazia do hospital meus machucados de tanto medo de hospital que tenho ainda.
Tedsuki _05
Tedsuki _05 2 ngày trước
To all jujutsu kaisens out there, here's our Mahito👻🖤 1:49
rut cma
rut cma 2 ngày trước
This song makes me feel alive
DESTRUCTION Hook 2 ngày trước
I'm late don't bully me ➖➗➖➗➖➗➖➗➖➗➖🤧
꧁ Akimichy kuro ꧂
꧁ Akimichy kuro ꧂ 2 ngày trước
Holy shit why do I have to get addicted to all your music
Rusty Fugate
Rusty Fugate 2 ngày trước
Wonder ful
Faa Afa
Faa Afa 2 ngày trước
That so nice 😳👌🏻
Peyton Louviere
Peyton Louviere 2 ngày trước
like all his other songs andthe videos the go with them... this is amazing!
Idelma Pérez
Idelma Pérez 2 ngày trước
Asumakina :o
Aerlan Tillman
Aerlan Tillman 2 ngày trước
me- flicks cousin my cousin- 1:49
Metehan TOKDEMİR 2 ngày trước
my favorite song
Red 2 ngày trước
xd me aparecio un anuncio de sur urban en el video
Alexander Villaceran
Alexander Villaceran 2 ngày trước
Now you're Dabi..
Spikemax7 2 ngày trước
I watches ths vid like 6h ago an im still listening
vandana singh
vandana singh 2 ngày trước
Love from India By A 10 year old girl
Jay palacio
Jay palacio 2 ngày trước
Me encanta tu musica
Jay palacio
Jay palacio 2 ngày trước
@Jay Conde alma gemela :0
Jay Conde
Jay Conde 2 ngày trước
МИСТЕР ШИВ 2 ngày trước
Ares Dahir
Ares Dahir 2 ngày trước
Me encanta Sub Urban 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Matt Rutherford
Matt Rutherford 2 ngày trước
Strong Ezra Miller vibes.
Kaif 2 ngày trước
Gabriel 2 ngày trước
my new favorite music!
Haley Finkenbinder
Haley Finkenbinder 2 ngày trước
This man knows how to make a a video.
Vin Lagos
Vin Lagos 2 ngày trước
I am praying to the cosmos to see a duo song from Sub Urban and Billie Eilish🙏🙏🖤🤍
Jimmy Hilly Billy
Jimmy Hilly Billy 2 ngày trước
Jesús Alejandro Flores delgado
Jesús Alejandro Flores delgado 3 ngày trước
Amo :3
Alexia Back
Alexia Back 3 ngày trước
0:35 makes my heart stop. I don't know why. Its just 🥵
Eliel Rivera
Eliel Rivera 3 ngày trước
mentira jeje puyo
Eliel Rivera
Eliel Rivera 3 ngày trước
epico sub urban ese tonto yo no mi amigo te puso eso
Eliel Rivera
Eliel Rivera 3 ngày trước
epicooooo😎hermano epicooooo
Eliel Rivera
Eliel Rivera 3 ngày trước
Nagisuto 3 ngày trước
thats a lot of siren heads
Matías Gamer7875
Matías Gamer7875 3 ngày trước
the song is good
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