[MV] LUCY(루시) _ Snooze (선잠)

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[MV] LUCY(루시) _ Snooze (선잠)

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Mika 11 giờ trước
1:27 I've been replaying this part for almost half an hour now, and what makes it so perfect is listening to this in a windy afternoon while answering my precalculus worksheet XD
Ronny Olufsen
Ronny Olufsen 12 giờ trước
I love the flowing airy feel of this song
Mariah Murphy
Mariah Murphy Ngày trước
This is the first time I’ve ever heard them, and as a professional violinist myself, I’m really, really impressed. They were able to mesh together their voices and instruments SO well. Time to go look up the rest of their music and binge listen to it.
Abdullah rafi
Abdullah rafi Ngày trước
You gained a fan, LUCY Keep on going❤
barbie ann
barbie ann Ngày trước
Lady Dey
Lady Dey Ngày trước
Wow i just saw them in the show today.. I want to know about them more. When they debut? What is LUCY's agency?
Iced Hylo
Iced Hylo Ngày trước
They debuted on May 8, 2020, their agency is mystic story. Here is a video guide about them, hope it helps😊 vipost.info/from/video/14aZkGio3LGlhJU.html
livvy bug
livvy bug Ngày trước
I’m so amazed right now this band is incredible
Rw Rw
Rw Rw Ngày trước
May i know, when they debuted??and fandom name??i might stan this band:-D
mooniverse Ngày trước
They debuted on 8 may 2020. Walwal is their unofficial fandom name. Hello welcome to the fandom
yooanmic _
yooanmic _ Ngày trước
I like this song!!!!
Gabi Gómez
Gabi Gómez Ngày trước
Nurul Nabihah
Nurul Nabihah 2 ngày trước
i lose count on how many times i got goosebumps throughout this song
Chrystie 19
Chrystie 19 2 ngày trước
This is so refreshing, Lucy Hwating
KPOP NEWS 2 ngày trước
we are going to start giving news about the world in KPOP, help the channel beat 2,000 subscribers soon - - vipost.info/show/Q2IHfQxJNi4k1lFKum3FPA
Jaylen Body
Jaylen Body 2 ngày trước
Okay like I am really in love with how the violin goes so well in this song!
Gaby Vicenzo
Gaby Vicenzo 2 ngày trước
Vine buscando cobre y encontré oro puro!! Los escuché en Melodías de Corea y me enamoré. El violín le da un toque estupendo a las canciones, me vuelvo loca con este violín por dios. Me encantó el que habla español también, habla muy bien.
Ari Bunnyeol
Ari Bunnyeol 2 ngày trước
they deserve some much, they are amazing
Kiwi Noona
Kiwi Noona 2 ngày trước
Wait at 3:01 does Wonsang's cardigan say "UGLY" in the back? LOL! He's definitely not ugly though :D!
Melissa 2 ngày trước
They sound so beautiful omg
Asianandproudtobe 3 ngày trước
I wish they would make the children's sound more prominent like in the show version because it adds more of a sense of youth and innocence in it, but I understand that as a band they focus on live performance
su ha
su ha 3 ngày trước
Claire Hisman
Claire Hisman 3 ngày trước
Is it just me after I watched them with Young k, I immediately search their songs too. And planning to stan them too.
陳昱螢 3 ngày trước
이 노래가 진짜 너무 좋아아아아아
Marisol Delgado
Marisol Delgado 3 ngày trước
ok.. their vocals are amazing, the way the violin makes the whole song beautiful, and the TALENT THEY HAVE, WHY I DIDN’T KNOW THEM?
mooniverse Ngày trước
You know them now. Welcome to the lucy island
summerone 3 ngày trước
the sound of violin is really good there
summerone 3 ngày trước
they are so goodddd
Chloe Lemontea Wu
Chloe Lemontea Wu 4 ngày trước
Who says classical music instrument and K-pop can't go together ?? Love this non-SACRILIGEOUS and wonderful piece :)
tsc what
tsc what 4 ngày trước
just... stan lucy, stan talent
Arium purple
Arium purple 4 ngày trước
Sherly S
Sherly S 4 ngày trước
im here after saw conor gray cover lucy ft youngk LUCY IS SO GEWDDDDD
16khz 4 ngày trước
Too. damn. beautiful. LUCY and their music really a gift in this world
Jade Ty
Jade Ty 4 ngày trước
The arrangement is SO GOOD. They deserve more recognition.
Zats 4 ngày trước
Recovered them because of DAY6 Young K but yo, I’m glad I found them. I got goosebumps hearing their vocal. Insane harmonisation and the way they play their instruments 😍👏🏻
neknarf1973 4 ngày trước
Someone recommanded this so I'm here to check it out. Waaaaw......really love this and LOVE the violin !!!
Ɗiaries øf Kate
Ɗiaries øf Kate 4 ngày trước
I want my life to match their style of music
Zeina Jammal
Zeina Jammal 5 ngày trước
Miya Campbell
Miya Campbell 5 ngày trước
Came here because i just realized that Sangyeob from Duet Song Festival is hereee 😃 still can't believe thisss 😭 i love his duet with Vixx Ken like 4 years ago (im a Ken fan btw 😅). going to support them and btw this song is soooo amazinggg ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Centryn Azizah
Centryn Azizah 5 ngày trước
cried in every language
DragonlovesGeass25 5 ngày trước
So beautiful!!! 😍 The violin sounds make the song more magical!!
Pratap Reddy
Pratap Reddy 5 ngày trước
Man! My heart and soul just cleaned up by listening this ❤️
Pratap Reddy
Pratap Reddy 5 ngày trước
These deserve more views
KtTdw Z
KtTdw Z 5 ngày trước
Such a good song isn’t it? 😍
Abigail :3 PG
Abigail :3 PG 5 ngày trước
Hermosos mis bebes
LuiSsSpro [GD]
LuiSsSpro [GD] Ngày trước
Coma caca
iam _yann
iam _yann 5 ngày trước
MY DAY HERE. Young K brought me here and now I'm a fan.
04Ammy04 5 ngày trước
The drummer has my fave voice.
Abigail Lewis
Abigail Lewis 5 ngày trước
a violin!!!! i love this so much
ElVerde BienAmargo
ElVerde BienAmargo 5 ngày trước
i love it
Miednight 5 ngày trước
Coming from the young k colab and all I have to say is HOW HAVENT I HEARD IF THESE GUYS BEFORE!!!!!!
Moh 4 ngày trước
they're a rookie! 2 months ago debuted with 'JOGGING' please take a look if you have time 😇
Love Yourself
Love Yourself 5 ngày trước
So apparently the entire band can do vocals... You just don't hear it in this song... So Imma go check out their other songs too 😁😁 If you haven't watched the cover of Maniac with YoungK ..do yourself a favour and watch it right now !
Love Yourself
Love Yourself 5 ngày trước
Does anyone where this was shot... coz like.. it looks so peaceful and prettyyyyy ❤️🥺
dmingi 4 ngày trước
@Love Yourself Yeah, you should watch their mv making for this! It's in their youtube channel LUCY ISLAND. It has english subs too!
Love Yourself
Love Yourself 4 ngày trước
@dmingi woww...i had a feeling coz i have seen in some other videos... But the windmills and those rocky beaches ...wowww ❤️
dmingi 5 ngày trước
It was shot in Jeju!
Love Yourself
Love Yourself 5 ngày trước
3:30 .... You're welcome :)
Maya 6 ngày trước
Discovered them through yesterday The Show performance and just had to find more about them
Moh 4 ngày trước
please do! you can subscribe to their channel 'LUCY ISLAND' to see another content from LUCY :)
ghufron abu
ghufron abu 6 ngày trước
Asik bet bass nya mamank
Peachandmark 🍑🐰
Peachandmark 🍑🐰 6 ngày trước
Who else coming here from Young K’s cover?? Damn I’m such a loser for not finding them sooner. They’re so talented and amazing❤️❤️❤️
Shalomtherom 6 ngày trước
I came here after watching their cover with Young K and wow.....time to stan
Yamira Medina
Yamira Medina 6 ngày trước
You have violinist OMG 😱 is beautiful 😍 the music 🎶 and you’re amazing 🤩
Tin 6 ngày trước
Love it! Time to stan lol thanks Young K
baitie zulkiflee
baitie zulkiflee 6 ngày trước
Searching for Lucy after watching them sang Maniac with Youngk
Yezki W
Yezki W 6 ngày trước
This song is so good, they need much more attention !
what ?
what ? 6 ngày trước
Damn adding the violinist was a good idea❤ btw when did they debut?
what ?
what ? 5 ngày trước
@dmingi okay okay.Thank youuu❤
dmingi 6 ngày trước
They debuted this year last May with the debut song 'Flowering' although they were already formed last year through the survival show JTBC Superband!
Caren Rose L. Balagtas
Caren Rose L. Balagtas 6 ngày trước
this is actually good thoooooooooooooo
루이 6 ngày trước
Emma Sh
Emma Sh 6 ngày trước
Caren Rose L. Balagtas
Caren Rose L. Balagtas 6 ngày trước
brooooooooooo never thought that a band can be good with a member who is a violinist!!!!!
Stay Tina
Stay Tina 6 ngày trước
Come here after them collab with youngk of day6. And woooowwww i found another great band 👍👍
Nax X
Nax X 6 ngày trước
I am a mayday that came from youngk and there cover of maniac I AM GOING TO STAN
Nax X
Nax X 6 ngày trước
chea 6 ngày trước
welcome to the fandom!! our fandom name is walwals hehe
Chesca 6 ngày trước
the heckk!! i'll stan themm!!
Chesca 6 ngày trước
i came here bc of youngk of day6, and now i'll stan them!! i love them already
Chesca 6 ngày trước
@chea thank youu!! :)
chea 6 ngày trước
welcome to the fandom!! we're called walwals!
Chikorita 6 ngày trước
Sneaking around to listen to their songs after the cover they did with Younghyun just now. They're so talented!! *screams*
Kuroha 6 ngày trước
lol same! i'm enjoying myself so far
endlesstrash 6 ngày trước
seems like the whole thing is out of a ghibli movie
Shaye-Anne Phillips
Shaye-Anne Phillips 6 ngày trước
Whoever is on the violin killed it
samarah din
samarah din 6 ngày trước
Vaishika 6 ngày trước
*While other KPOP bands depend on their face and not their music, here's a legit band that MAKES ACTUAL MUSIC and depends on their music rather than their face. Kudos LUCY!*
Mari Mari
Mari Mari 7 ngày trước
lucy deserve the world :((
absar alsadig
absar alsadig 7 ngày trước
ftom the time they performed this song at music bank I couldn't get them out my head and especially the violin part I thought "ISNT THIS TOO BIG AND GREAT FOR MUSIC BANK" LIKE WOW they are really good
5th Month
5th Month 7 ngày trước
Uhm I want to stan pls help me where to start
renee.r2 7 ngày trước
They are Kband called LUCY. You can follow their official VIpost channel "LUCY ISLAND" for more songs n covers.
5th Month
5th Month 7 ngày trước
Uhm I just saw them yesterday performing while waiting for Woodz, can someone introduce them to me
No jams
No jams 7 ngày trước
What a beautiful noise, Stan lucy!!!
Srishti Jain
Srishti Jain 8 ngày trước
I just love this type of music!!
아삭아삭 8 ngày trước
Song Jihye
Song Jihye 8 ngày trước
저번에도 이 댓글 달았는데 진짜 밴드의 색깔이 있어서 곧 잘되실듯! 저도 많이 홍보하겠습니다!!
ap야스오 8 ngày trước
아 개좋다 진짜
Chl972 8 ngày trước
So beautiful everything is amazing!!! You are so talented guys
함카Kang' 8 ngày trước
who came here after watching it on the show
Lonely To Organdy
Lonely To Organdy 8 ngày trước
I feel like I could hear this in a Studio Ghibli film
renee.r2 8 ngày trước
The violinist did cover Ghibli song in their channel
E B 8 ngày trước
This is so goooooood
Photographwewenc NC 미리
Photographwewenc NC 미리 8 ngày trước
I am new fan😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
ezzah syahirah
ezzah syahirah 8 ngày trước
seriously i swear that LUCY is really a unique band!! how can they mix the sounds of violin, guitar and drums in all their songs but at the same time still manage to produce such a relaxing and harmonious kind of music
Jantje Bartels
Jantje Bartels 9 ngày trước
I love this!!!!
THE ROSE 보물 9 ngày trước
ISTG that the best thing i did is staning LUCY...you GUYS are too talented and amazing even to emagine
Tasya Pinangkaan
Tasya Pinangkaan 9 ngày trước
I think they Will become my first band favorite ✨
Rose AT
Rose AT 9 ngày trước
This is so good it's really good omg it's so good soooo gooddddd
melo fuse
melo fuse 9 ngày trước
This is so beautiful 💙
neng hafizah
neng hafizah 9 ngày trước
I love violin so muchh
Darya 777
Darya 777 9 ngày trước
Это было потрясающе! Мурашки прям по коже! Впервые благодарна Ютубу, что выдал мне это видео в рекомендациях!))
Multifandomtrashygrass Yehetkkaebsong
Multifandomtrashygrass Yehetkkaebsong 9 ngày trước
This is making me reminisce my non existent childhood memories, because my youth is far from over
Ellie fork
Ellie fork 9 ngày trước
I saw this on music bank and was very interested
stay uwus
stay uwus 9 ngày trước
츄츄츄팝 9 ngày trước
선잠 노래 너무 좋아요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ오늘 아침에도 출근하면서 계속 반복해서 들었어요ㅠㅠ
Tina Beee
Tina Beee 9 ngày trước
LUCY are paving a new way for how a band can look and sound. I love their fresh vibe.
Ana Vitali
Ana Vitali 9 ngày trước
this song is so good help im obsessed and they have a violinist thats so cool
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