Meatpacking: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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The pandemic has thrown into high relief some of the longstanding issues surrounding working conditions in meatpacking facilities. John Oliver explains why greater oversight is needed, and how we can go about getting it.
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Minimax 3 giờ trước
Upton Sinclaire described production workers peeing in the slaughterhouses of chicago in the 1930's. Nothing has changed!
Cody Kay
Cody Kay 3 giờ trước
"make America great again" People with actual souls: we have the time machine, let's make sure Columbus never gets here
joemikejake 3 giờ trước
John Oliver does a pretty excellent job with his sarcastic presentation of some pretty serious issues to consider. I, for one, will never buy another Tyson Meat product until I hear that the company has corrected the error of its ways. (I'm not holding my breath on that one.) The staff cuts at OSHA and the IRS, to name just a couple of government agencies, were initiated under Republican presidencies. Banging the "smaller government" gong, they cut a shitload of positions that check on various industries and taxpayers... and so what do you expect to happen after that? If nobody's looking, those not being checked go off the grid in their illegal activities. The heads of major corporations donate a boatload of dough to GOP candidates across the nation because they know they'll get something for their money. It's "Pay to Play" and it works... so it continues.
FreddyFish 3 giờ trước
The weirdest thing is when people place it on public media this is their working condition and almost nobody politically cares. I know a lot of Americans hate Government and lobby against as little Government control 99% of the time. But if a company can act like this you can use your government to enforce government to have at least some form of ethics. Companies won't do that, they have no incentive. Just a tiny little bit of ethics instead of this absolutely low bar. That's what we do in my European Capitalistic country.
Clarty Boots
Clarty Boots 3 giờ trước
Land of the free!
The Messenger
The Messenger 3 giờ trước
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shani yan
shani yan 3 giờ trước
"Make America great again." Every sane person: When was America great, again?
Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping 3 giờ trước
Home Alone Gaming
Home Alone Gaming 3 giờ trước
JBS is one of the worst and most corrupt companies in the world...there are other full length pieces out there but yeah they are real bad and probably the industry standard. more corporate welfare made law by the GOP...
Jiggaboo Jones
Jiggaboo Jones 3 giờ trước
Straight up. No matter where you work, your bosses and managers do NOT care about you.
shani yan
shani yan 3 giờ trước
Excuse me John, I believe you meant to say DAME Judi Dench
peaou 3 giờ trước
The rich should read Christmas Carol
Cohl Furey
Cohl Furey 3 giờ trước
Yet another reason to go vegetarian.
Paul Schmitt
Paul Schmitt 3 giờ trước
Talon Shepard
Talon Shepard 3 giờ trước
I just want to thank the whole production team and everyone responsible for last week tonight for making free content that is incredibly educational exposing massive amounts of flaws in the systems we live in. Truly heroic in the society we live in today.
Élaine Doumont
Élaine Doumont 3 giờ trước
A bit more protection for workers won't cut it. Not by a long shot. We got a lot more workers protection in Germany. And yet there we had multiple Meat-Factories with similar problems. Especially some with massive Covid-19 outbreaks. Outbreaks that only made the terrible working conditions in those Factories of Companies like Tönnies know to the public. Non of Germanys regulations however helped in those cases. Leading me to my point: You cannot assure that the workers in a company will have the best possible working conditions if you do not give control of the company to the workers.
Sujay95 3 giờ trước
Land of the free, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Ghalaghor McAllistor
Ghalaghor McAllistor 3 giờ trước
Oh, you need to take a toilet break? Just wear diapers and a feeding bag so you can keep working. Better yet, learn how to continue working while you're sleeping so yo never have to go home and just keep doing your job and slave away for your bosses 24/7! /s
CYNTHIA SWAIN 3 giờ trước
Sad and although the facts are compelling, I’m not optimistic that there will be changes without a significant job action.
Fabulous Roy
Fabulous Roy 3 giờ trước
Holy shit I just took a test in history and we learned about this.
Jeje Here
Jeje Here 4 giờ trước
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Mormodes 4 giờ trước
The U.S. was and is built on the backs of slave labor? Color me surprised. Been like this for centuries. Glad you can show it off, since the fucking "news" people see everyday will continue licking the boots of whoever pays them the most (or owns them, like Sinclair)
Enkel Trik
Enkel Trik 4 giờ trước
Don't eat meat, and if you do, don't eat shit meat that's cheap. Problem solved, move along.
Joes Di
Joes Di 4 giờ trước
I can't even finish this video, John. 😔
Headsnack 4 giờ trước
Looks like it's time to break out the factory farm anthem!
Paul Schmitt
Paul Schmitt 3 giờ trước
Nice Vegan Anthem, the recording could use a little polishment tho.
Angel Lezay
Angel Lezay 4 giờ trước
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Bryce Creighton
Bryce Creighton 4 giờ trước
Excuse me John, I believe you meant to say DAME Judi Dench
David Rewerts
David Rewerts 4 giờ trước
The solution to this weeks episode and last weeks Episode on the pandemic and meat packing is to go vegan.
Golgotha_Mythos69 4 giờ trước
"This country has Socialism for the rich, and rugged individualism for the poor." ~MLK
sarthak khajotia
sarthak khajotia 4 giờ trước
please do another one on India. Really go all out mann
William Rice
William Rice 4 giờ trước
I believe companies should be charged a percentage of their yearly profits starts between 3-10% depending on severity that DOUBLES with each infraction.
Sam Vidas
Sam Vidas 4 giờ trước
11:05 personal timestamp
Robert Frapples
Robert Frapples 5 giờ trước
DAMN! I hardly recognized John Oliver! He looks like he has aged 20 years since 2016 when he was sticking his foot in his mouth with his little "Do it!" dare to Trump. Goofy Brit! Maybe it's just all the extra new fat that makes him look so much older.
cecily boyd
cecily boyd 5 giờ trước
I once got a box of breakfast burritos and the 2nd or third one I pulled out of the box had a TOENAIL in it. It took several weeks if back and forth between the company and I before I was sent an apology and coupons for more products. I sent them the toenail as proof in a prepaid envelope in return.
arianna 5 giờ trước
All this money that these companies and executives have... and now our politicians too.... maybe they should all retire?? Or maybe politicians could do their jobs and everyone would have more money to pump into the economy. It's not a great plan to let ,01% of the country have 80% of the wealth and just sit on it...
M X 5 giờ trước
The solution: Stop buying Tyson products. They have no intention of ever treating their hourly works with respect or dignity and their political ties run deep so they will never be held accountable.
jechoon 5 giờ trước
I wish John would call for a boycott of meat and all associated products from the biggest manufacturers. Hit them in the wallet and they’ll start paying attention. But he didn’t . When you eat your sandwich tonight, think about the thousands of workers who were forced to make the meat supply chain work in harsh conditions just so you can enjoy your bite .
arianna 5 giờ trước
....not to mention employers can take out life insurance policies on their employees. Incentive to make sure to poorly train and enforce safety measures!
Raoul Roar
Raoul Roar 5 giờ trước
The USA is a Hollywood Film
Nick C
Nick C 5 giờ trước
"USA! Greatest country on Earth! Go freedom!" Literally Soviet-era Russia had NOTHING on current-day good old American propaganda. That's the one thing the USA really is a world leader in: Successful and covert propagandizing of it's populace.
Shu _the_eden
Shu _the_eden 5 giờ trước
Lex Williamson
Lex Williamson 5 giờ trước
It’s a good day to be vegan
Paul Schmitt
Paul Schmitt 5 giờ trước
Every day is a good day to be Vegan :)
H Geez
H Geez 5 giờ trước
Wow an episode of John Oliver not referring to trump once ?????
MD mohsin Sultan
MD mohsin Sultan 5 giờ trước
Micah Godsey
Micah Godsey 5 giờ trước
I live in Greeley Colorado and JBS smells like rotten cheese every time I drive by. Doesn’t surprise me they’re full of it
rvScript 5 giờ trước
Robot F^
Bro 5 giờ trước
Nothing is above us on the food chain
davissae 6 giờ trước
Bludgeon me with a long form critique of corporate food processing, you tea-swilling jackhammer
Steven Wymor
Steven Wymor 6 giờ trước
Unionize! Then strike.
ScrivoQualcosa 6 giờ trước
hans3844 6 giờ trước
Something we saw in my state was small towns that primarily relied on meat packing plants for jobs had the highest percent of cases throughout the pandemic regardless if people worked there because workers were going home and getting their friends and family's sick. this totally destroyed their medical centers and pushed them to get help in the city witch was hours away. there were more active cases in some of these small towns then there was in our biggest metro area with over a million in population. i really feel for our small town folks. these companies basically destroyed their towns and communities and seem to have gotten away with it :/
Joel Olsson
Joel Olsson 6 giờ trước
It's crazy how far behind USA is when it comes to this kind of things. Hopefully they will catch up with the rest of the western world. "Keep them poor and they will fight for scraps. They will have to many problems in their life to do something about it." Think i read it somewhere 🤔
Calvin Hobbes
Calvin Hobbes 6 giờ trước
Fuck, man. I remember when you were still funny.
Lanchester Naanyane
Lanchester Naanyane 6 giờ trước
Another day in America.
Joseph Jill
Joseph Jill 6 giờ trước
Phillip K
Phillip K 6 giờ trước
It's 2021 and time to ditch meat, folks. This industry is filled with unimaginable amounts of human and animal exploitation. 70 BILLION slaughtered every year for meat. The industry is a massive contributor to climate change and is unsustainable. Disease comes from and spreads in meat production. We got the swine flu from pigs, the bird flu from poultry, and covid has spread in these meat plants like nowhere else. All signs point in the same direction: Ditch meat. Today. We cannot support this industry any further, and the alternatives available are better than ever.
Elder Sun
Elder Sun 6 giờ trước
Charles Fox
Charles Fox 6 giờ trước
What can we do? Stop buying their shitty product!
Cory Cole
Cory Cole 6 giờ trước
Tfw your mom says you have Upton Sinclair at home
Charles Fox
Charles Fox 6 giờ trước
Why are we surprised that the abuse isn't limited to the animals?
BeastNation2009 6 giờ trước
"just let the market regulate itself", they said.
Kalvin Lam
Kalvin Lam 7 giờ trước
This is what happens when high level execs care more about their compensation over they lively hood of the bottom tier workers that do important work. It is possible for companies to pay their employees well and still turn a profit. In n out is famous for paying their employees well over minimum wage and giving them health insurance and plenty of vacation days. Their burgers are still inexpensive and they turn a profit.
James Forestier
James Forestier 7 giờ trước
*cough* unions *cough*
Penny Dupre
Penny Dupre 7 giờ trước
Its not just meat packing plants this is a problem within almost all industries. Or organization that hires a lot of workers. Its better to work for a small or family owned business. But they would have to charge more for their products and wares. One would think this only happened in 3rd world countries and China. But we get away with it because of lobbyist politicians and the uninformed population. And the rights of the people to form a UNION in the work place. Not to mention the great divide between those who have and the have nots. People go to work every day on jobs where safety is ignored or suppressed for the sake of quantity of production so that CEOs can get raises and investors can get profits. Small farmers are put out of business by politicians who are there only to line their pockets as well. Workers and the self employed are left with few options large costs for operations and unbelievable insurance expenses. Farmers are put out of business for companies that produce chemical ladened food intended to make it grow faster. It only takes a hand full of people in position of power and money to control how we live. And they say this is a country where everyone has equal opportunities. IT IS NOT. I could go on but there is no point until the masses realize that they have let it go on for so long that they will have to suffer greatly in order to begin to change things. Ask TEXANS about suffering due to not wanting to participate with the rest of the country through deregulations. They still don't know what has happened which is the result of making decisions based on what they have been told instead of what they can see with their own two eyes and experienced have in their lives after the big freeze. They are now being told its the fault of an IDEA not yet put into place. And they believe this because they do not think for themselves. Which is the point of providing them with low quality education. They are being trained to blame anyone and every one except those who are actually responsible for their problems. This is why segregation and inequality is important to big business. To create scapegoats. And people who don't have the good sense to see they have been gaslighted by those they choose to trust.
IvotedBidenBaby! 7 giờ trước
Beatriz Parga
Beatriz Parga 7 giờ trước
OSHA had teeth when I worked in the Hospital setting in California. We live in a third world country for so many. It’s gross 🤮
D.P. Snyder
D.P. Snyder 7 giờ trước
Why I don't and won't ever again eat meat. Thanks, John. I recommend getting meat out of your diet as fast as you can. Most people who eat meat are eating suffering, antibiotics, and human slavery. Sure you can buy meat from animals grown on local farm. But I assure you, once you stop eating your fellow creatures, you wil never want to ever again.
D HG 7 giờ trước
Despicable vacuous behavior and treatment of their workers by these industries. Thank you John Oliver.
asymptoticspatula 7 giờ trước
Hmmm reminds me of a book I read once...a famous one by Upton SInclair...(which is easily the most depressing book I've ever read)
kaziabir1 7 giờ trước
Tyson needs to go out of business
Rebecca Albrecht
Rebecca Albrecht 7 giờ trước
Tagesschau ist besser. Amerikanischer Humor ist mir zu unbeleidigend.
ziljin 7 giờ trước
Watch Food Inc on VIpost. It came out over a decade ago and it seems like nothing has changed since then.
dawn linnell
dawn linnell 7 giờ trước
I hope you get a Peabody award for this.
diane shirley
diane shirley 8 giờ trước
Stop eating meat.
Jon Johnson
Jon Johnson 8 giờ trước
Typical Corporate america. People doing all the work get screwed while the paper pushers make all the money.
John Morgan
John Morgan 8 giờ trước
Even though I don't eat any meat whatsoever, I still feel part of this problem. Western society has truly lost its way
somebody on the internet
somebody on the internet 8 giờ trước
So what day are we staring out civil disobedience protest? I thought this was American
Unlucky776 8 giờ trước
Thank you for bringing this up. With some luck more people will look into this. What a terrible situation.
Kyle martin
Kyle martin 8 giờ trước
Upton Sinclair is rolling in his grave over this.
John Smith
John Smith 8 giờ trước
Wow a john oliver show not devoted to donald trump, hired writers maybe?
Crimson Cetra
Crimson Cetra 8 giờ trước
I'm so glad, I don't live in this shithole of a country.
Paul Schmitt
Paul Schmitt 5 giờ trước
This is happening all around the World.
TheTeamDavey 8 giờ trước
John Oliver, you are a Marvel level hero for our time. You wield your comedic Sword of Justice with rapier precision, and like reverse Superman, your powers are fully expressed when you put ON the suit and glasses.
pickinduck 8 giờ trước
What ever happened to "Clean Meat" (laboratory grown meat)❓ We desperately need to get rid of slavery in this country. I'm not a vegetarian but I'm pretty damn close. People should NOT be eating this much meat❗
Gold Mamba
Gold Mamba 8 giờ trước
Wow they were betting on how many would catch the 🦠. That and ole boy pissing under the line, I see why my stepdaughter with vegan. Some information you want to know but don’t wanna know, this episode shocked the fuck out of me.
Jack F
Jack F 8 giờ trước
dont care, can this guy get deported please? who wants this guy around?
Bob Weber
Bob Weber 9 giờ trước
I got screwed over by workmens comp, unemployment and the doctors provided to me, they missed diagnosed and operated on me that was unneccessary... and they never fixed the original problem! The U.S. insurance companies are corrupt and need to be destroyed! I have no respect for these assholes!
Kira1Lawliet 9 giờ trước
6:26 "When we're dead and buried, our bones will still be hurting." That has to be one of the most chillingly morbid sentences I've ever heard in my life.
TRY HYPNOSIS with robito
TRY HYPNOSIS with robito 9 giờ trước
Hi John. You are a difficult person to contact. I offer on donation hypnosis to anyone and everyone to help people connect to their own subconscious and heal emotional and physical pain, especially during these crazy times. And I would really like to make contact with you. Please check my YT channel for contact details. ❤️
Calamity o.O
Calamity o.O 9 giờ trước
When my partner was hurt during naval training, they made him sign a waiver while high on painkillers.
ICU 9 giờ trước
Boycott Tyson if you care
truth seeker
truth seeker 9 giờ trước
Atleast someone is talking about these workers , in China you would be died at the very moment you try to criticize the communist party
Megan 9 giờ trước
Missed the point by a mile- "You can draw one simple conclusion" - STOP EATING MEAT! Our animals are abused, the people working in these factories are abused, until we find an alternative to factory farming and assembly line meatpacking, it is UNETHICAL to eat meat. As a humanist, and as a species that claims to love animals, we do a shitty job of showing it.
LEG13N LEG13N 9 giờ trước
I make the best music
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz 9 giờ trước
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Awareness with Andrew
Awareness with Andrew 9 giờ trước
Araxie Rose
Araxie Rose 9 giờ trước
Any time a company you're interviewing for refers to their staff as being "like a family", do yourself a favor and RUN. Nothing good is gonna come out of this situation for you.
Eleanore S
Eleanore S 9 giờ trước
this is why i laugh when people tell me being vegan is extreme
fireballtp 10 giờ trước
I love it when someone tells me Unions and labor laws are no longer needed in this country.
Star Smith
Star Smith 10 giờ trước
Amazon was only charged $1,500 for violating covid rules. There are over 500 workers here.
Zachary Van Stanley
Zachary Van Stanley 10 giờ trước
If we really want to stop this from happening, we need to stop supporting these businesses. Buying from Tyson and the like is basically saying that you are OK with what they are doing. If you care about people or animals, stop buying meat. The problem is that Americans are unwilling to give up their comfort.
Andrew Wilkinson
Andrew Wilkinson 10 giờ trước
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Auguste Eberle
Auguste Eberle 10 giờ trước
Another set of reasons why my cousin is vegetarian.
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