Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies

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Marvel Entertainment

7 ngày trước

The world may change and evolve, but the one thing that will never change: we’re all part of one big family.
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Jeremy 2021
Jeremy 2021 5 giờ trước
Thank you marvel studio's kevin feige and the late stan lee and chadwick boseman.
JeromePlayz 6 giờ trước
Man, starting the video off with Stan Lee’s quote made me tear up.
Stan lee we will miss you to much
Jay Cazon
Jay Cazon 6 giờ trước
So is no one gonna talk about 2:56 where I could clearly see Fantastic Four
Tyler Hawkins
Tyler Hawkins 6 giờ trước
R.I.P Stan Lee, we will never forget u and your legacy is eternal. That speach made me cry. A man who spended his life bringing joy to the world and uniting us as a species. Uniting the human race...... We all miss u Stan.
P. Darius Beliard
P. Darius Beliard 7 giờ trước
Bro STAN LEE voice makes this epic and beautiful. If it was not for Stan Lee I would not be into art comic book drawing as a kid. From his vision a long time ago creating these dope characters on a paper to seeing his vision into live action motion infinitely dope.🙏🏾❤️😊🔥
Dezmon Mendoza
Dezmon Mendoza 7 giờ trước
Yessssssss wakandaaaaaa forever
Michael 7 giờ trước
So hyped
LetsRepaintIt 8 giờ trước
Goosebumps all over the place!! Incredible how movies can do something like that to people! Thank you so much for creating an astonishing MCU so far! Cheers to many to come!
Aaden Morris
Aaden Morris 8 giờ trước
I still get chills when I watch the fight scene in endgame
Sage Tan
Sage Tan 10 giờ trước
Thanks Marvel for the memories
Aditya Aggarwal
Aditya Aggarwal 10 giờ trước
Shangh Chi Punched Corona & DC's 4 movie plan next year in the end of the video.
Mokka Fire
Mokka Fire 10 giờ trước
வணக்கம் டா மாப்ள😂
DANIEL 10 giờ trước
Fantastic, Beautiful, Amazing, Cool, goosebumps Everywhere💥
Oscar Bennett
Oscar Bennett 11 giờ trước
They could’ve shown us something from spider man no way home, doctor strange 2 or Thor 4
Dark Woods
Dark Woods 11 giờ trước
End Game was the finale to me. It would be nice to get a decent Fantastic Four movie finally but otherwise I'm not too bothered with the MCU going forward.
Gabriella Ferrari
Gabriella Ferrari 11 giờ trước
It gave me chills.
Atharva koranne
Atharva koranne 11 giờ trước
1.40 the goosebumps tune
ajith manav
ajith manav 11 giờ trước
This does put a smile in my face
chandan yadav
chandan yadav 11 giờ trước
We are groot ❤️
Agrasen Edit
Agrasen Edit 11 giờ trước
Bring your videos in Hindi language too. Because there are so many fans in India. India is a country that can make small to big and big to small.
Jayedul Islam
Jayedul Islam 12 giờ trước
Thank you Mr. Stan Lee.
Immature Madness
Immature Madness 12 giờ trước
This is a bomb of every marvel fan❤️❤️
Jaco De tweede
Jaco De tweede 12 giờ trước
is that last one fantastic 4 or avengers 5
ronni h
ronni h 11 giờ trước
Fantastic 4
christian Calvin
christian Calvin 12 giờ trước
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian 12 giờ trước
Marvel truly has become something amazing
Starlit Bebe
Starlit Bebe 12 giờ trước
Where X-men?
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous 10 giờ trước
They already confirmed long time ago that after a *5 year* wait is when they'll start the X-Men reboot in the MCU.
Starlit Bebe
Starlit Bebe 12 giờ trước
Where X-men?
Kishu Nathani
Kishu Nathani 13 giờ trước
My heart just skipped a beat
Tristahn Cruzada
Tristahn Cruzada 13 giờ trước
im excited for eternals on november 5
Teilzeitprofi 13 giờ trước
I think there is a reason why the N in Spiderman shines so red. Marvel is very clever about that. One can only speculate, of course, but in mathematics the N usually stands for the number of objects. Could this be a hidden reference to multiple Spidermen?
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 13 giờ trước
Can’t wait for a celebrate the shows trailer Wandavision Falcon and the winter soldier Loki What if? Ms. marvel Hawkeye Moon Knight She-Hulk Secret Invasion IronHeart Armor Wars I Am Groot Wakanda Series
Patrick Chrab
Patrick Chrab 13 giờ trước
I know this is meant to show marvel phase 4. But the 4 at the end of this clip looked very much like the logo of the “fantastic 4” somehow 🤔 But there was no film title or whatsoever to it... hmm 🤔
ComieBoy 14 giờ trước
Would it be cool if the fantastic 4 release in phase 4, 2024/4/4
Asad Shakeel
Asad Shakeel 14 giờ trước
Just Marvel 🥰
Dream Music Tv
Dream Music Tv 14 giờ trước
Hi when will Tony live again.
Sebass 12 giờ trước
Keep dreaming, man.
KAJ_Maciek Kaj
KAJ_Maciek Kaj 14 giờ trước
Tom O'Shea
Tom O'Shea 14 giờ trước
The fact this isn't trending is sad to me 😢
Shubham Agarwal
Shubham Agarwal 14 giờ trước
HarsH Manoor
HarsH Manoor 14 giờ trước
Oh this is nice!
Learner Nitin
Learner Nitin 15 giờ trước
Love marvel from India 🙏
Life is tech
Life is tech 15 giờ trước
I think that without iron man, caption America, black widow and father of mcu (STEN LEE) mcu is incomplete
enzmondo 15 giờ trước
Marvel Studios and Disney have so much money and time they're able to make 4 films and a bunch of Disney+ series a year
Koolminer1243 15 giờ trước
In the end there was the fantastic 4 logo, you guys think…
Favoural monster
Favoural monster 16 giờ trước
But where is bruse banner Hulk
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous 10 giờ trước
Universal Studios still owns a part of Hulk's movie rights. That's why Marvel Studios can't do another solo movie of Hulk, but oddly enough can add him as a secondary character in other movies. Now they confirmed that the next appearance of Hulk will be in the She-Hulk miniseries.
PlaysForLife OVB
PlaysForLife OVB 16 giờ trước
I can’t wait to see all the incoming movies😩😍
19BCS126 Palanirajan. E
19BCS126 Palanirajan. E 16 giờ trước
Tanush Reddy
Tanush Reddy 16 giờ trước
“We’re all part of one big family” 😥😥😥
WALLY 16 giờ trước
A moment of silence for those people who disliked this video
jahimotion Studios
jahimotion Studios 17 giờ trước
No one can replace chad I'm watching BP2 I don't care if there not recasting him I'm watching they can pull it off (but the fans just don't know it yet)
chloe chen
chloe chen 17 giờ trước
Marvel studio is the best of the best
Uriel Allanfer Rafael
Uriel Allanfer Rafael 17 giờ trước
Can this comment give a like and reply Thank You and We love you Marvel!!!
VILLU VIKASH 17 giờ trước
Thor Love and Thunder Fans like here 👇
VILLU VIKASH 17 giờ trước
Marvel fans like here ❤ 👇
Anime 1o1
Anime 1o1 17 giờ trước
2:30 we are the ones who changed everything love it
Science class
Science class 17 giờ trước
I am so happy fir Scarlett Johansson. She finally got a chance to do a solo movie. I love black widow. I will definitely watch it on 9th of July🤩😍
YVONNE TEO 18 giờ trước
I can't wait for Spiderman no way home
Jeff Fred stella alex
Jeff Fred stella alex 18 giờ trước
They would have seen the best reaction if they came to an Indian theatre.
Talat Jafri
Talat Jafri 18 giờ trước
Marvel has an Phd of giving other people goosebumps...
Abir Poddar
Abir Poddar 19 giờ trước
I think DC fans came here for dislike the video😂
Elffi Delfi
Elffi Delfi 19 giờ trước
I nearly cried watching this
Demon98P 19 giờ trước
Emily An
Emily An 19 giờ trước
my childhood to adulthood journey in one video
Aatman Vlogs
Aatman Vlogs 20 giờ trước
Genesis 20 giờ trước
How about Morbius Movie is that connected? because Michael Keaton was there.
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 13 giờ trước
It’s complicated. Apparently as part of the redone Sony/Disney deal Sony can use Sony owned versions of characters introduced in the MCU
Lakshya Sharma
Lakshya Sharma 20 giờ trước
Marvel never fails to excite us
GothicBump 20 giờ trước
Marvel outdid themselves with this trailer
Emily An
Emily An 19 giờ trước
💪😎Marvel studios❤️ 📽️🖼️movies is 💥best in the world🌍✨ 🙏Thanks for sir. Stan lee ❤️ Kevin feige and all marve studios tem ❤️✨🙏
Sarthak Kabra
Sarthak Kabra 20 giờ trước
Very much existed for the upcoming marvels movies
KronoManiac2814 20 giờ trước
I feel like saying this was a masterpiece would be a HUGE understatement
Rajat Sreekumar
Rajat Sreekumar 20 giờ trước
Vijay Krishna
Vijay Krishna 21 giờ trước
3:00 ... How many of you feel it's a direct hit to WB and DCEU to get out of Marvel way to entertain the audience
Muhammad Fiqhri
Muhammad Fiqhri 21 giờ trước
I would love Stan Lee cameoed in Wandavision n Falcon tv shows alongside other shows but 😭😭
Holy Doggo
Holy Doggo 21 giờ trước
We are gonna get an fantastic 4 film oh mygos
칸시 21 giờ trước
미국은 영화관에서 관람할때 리액션도 크구나 ㅋㄹ
Cornell Muldrow
Cornell Muldrow 21 giờ trước
Welcome to the new era of Marvel
Kawthar Alfetlawi
Kawthar Alfetlawi 22 giờ trước
I love how after the peoples reaction you can still faintly hear their yells of excitement even when the Avengers were assembled 🙌🏻 We are in this fight together 👏🏻👏🏻
Tuan Phat Nguyen
Tuan Phat Nguyen 22 giờ trước
Nobody: Marvel: new films =) 560k likes WB: josstice league reup =) 124k dislikes
Emiliano Gonzalez
Emiliano Gonzalez 22 giờ trước
QUE BUEN VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vishal jaiswal
vishal jaiswal 22 giờ trước
2:30 ibu hatela 😅
Comicbook nerd
Comicbook nerd 23 giờ trước
Stan "The Man" Lee, is da best!!!!
Mahavir Thorat
Mahavir Thorat 23 giờ trước
💪😎Marvel studios❤️ 📽️🖼️movies is 💥best in the world🌍✨ 🙏Thanks for sir. Stan lee ❤️ Kevin feige and all marve studios tem ❤️✨🙏
MidnightCereal 23 giờ trước
I need the theme music name!!!
ennis low
ennis low 23 giờ trước
V7 23 giờ trước
Never been this excited for FUTURE!!
Indies Universe
Indies Universe 23 giờ trước
Ab aayega na majha bidu😆😆😆😆
Habibi 23 giờ trước
Who can’t lie, Spiders man’s your favorite?
JASVINTHAN_2003 Ngày trước
2:22 BUCKY???
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 8 giờ trước
ronni h
ronni h 11 giờ trước
Marvelfanboy _12
Marvelfanboy _12 Ngày trước
I’m so hyped
Richi Rich
Richi Rich Ngày trước
Love from india
Compa Kevin
Compa Kevin Ngày trước
I'm crying
Siddharth Ngày trước
Most powerful personality in mcu is STAN LEE
Screen Apple
Screen Apple Ngày trước
Female Spider-woman named Cindy Moon.
Lahiru Sandaruwan
Lahiru Sandaruwan Ngày trước
John Mark Lomoljo
John Mark Lomoljo Ngày trước
I can’t stop the excitement!!!! 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴
Dead_line_dork 012
Dead_line_dork 012 Ngày trước
Any malyali here👍
af Ngày trước
af 10 giờ trước
@uncanny dcmarvelous omgg so u mean we've to wait for like 5 years??
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous 10 giờ trước
They already confirmed long time ago that after a *5 year* wait is when they'll start the X-Men reboot in the MCU.
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 22 giờ trước
MARVEL Studios most likely will introduce the X-Men in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe: Phase Five.
Aryan Verma
Aryan Verma Ngày trước
They teased fantastic four at the end but didn't tell it's release date🙄
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 22 giờ trước
MARVEL Studios has reserved October 7, 2022, and July 28, & November 3, '23 for MARVEL Cinematic Universe: Phase Four films.
Kind of hard to put a release date when you haven’t even casted the actors or started production
Anishkiren Nadan
Anishkiren Nadan Ngày trước
Y nowdays to many girl superheroes and in marvel
DC / MARVEL FANDOM 14 giờ trước
@Anishkiren Nadan I do agree there that they swap genders for the sake of wokeness
Anishkiren Nadan
Anishkiren Nadan Ngày trước
@DC / MARVEL FANDOM not like that but they replace to many my question is y to many
Way to be sexist you don’t have a problem when there are man superhero movies but you have a problem with female superhero movies
Rohit Panda
Rohit Panda Ngày trước
Yoo, 1:32 onwards is so powerful. the fact they seamlessly transitioned the noise from the audience. WB could never touch it's DC Fans heart
L CK Ngày trước
The music getting hype when the Eternal started to show up with Serci dialogue "We are the the one whos change everything".
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 22 giờ trước
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