Machine Gun Kelly ft. Halsey - forget me too [Official Music Video]

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Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall is available now!
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Fetz Moors
Fetz Moors 5 giờ trước
Halsey is too hard😩🔥🔥🔥
sabrina fornwalt
sabrina fornwalt 5 giờ trước
Them: FIGHTING Travis: hmm what should I do ??? DRUM! Oh ya
valentina 5 giờ trước
i need more of this
tinkerbellmae 5 giờ trước
Halsey of course did this song cuz she was going through g-easy break up lol
promoting gamers
promoting gamers 5 giờ trước
I love this old vibez
kaylie 6 giờ trước
I love it
Alex White
Alex White 6 giờ trước
I’ve listened to the whole album since it came out but this song feels like a brand new song every time I listen to it, it’s just a banger I love it
Angie H
Angie H 6 giờ trước
Just sitting here with this song on repeat❤️
Jenelle Pierce
Jenelle Pierce 6 giờ trước
byron cardenas
byron cardenas 6 giờ trước
Liv 7 giờ trước
Aren't they irl exes tho?
peter perez
peter perez 8 giờ trước
Reynaldi Rizal
Reynaldi Rizal 10 giờ trước
Cant wait for “flames” music video by Modsun & Avril Lavigne today, GOD MY EMO HEART😭😭😭😭😭
Tatyana wellington
Tatyana wellington 10 giờ trước
Okay gojou sensei
Feliscia Hasen
Feliscia Hasen 11 giờ trước
Yo u just like gojou
Netty Cline
Netty Cline 12 giờ trước
muhammad yazid
muhammad yazid 12 giờ trước
gojo satoru?
Luke Schmitz
Luke Schmitz 12 giờ trước
Halsey voice tho....she is epic
Yt Free
Yt Free 12 giờ trước
bro my mans is bringing back that 2000 rock. I LOVE IT
Bella Lemus
Bella Lemus 13 giờ trước
what lip color is she wearing?
nICK 13 giờ trước
Christopher Sanzo
Christopher Sanzo 14 giờ trước
This is a damn good pop song. Totally infectious
Miles Mahon
Miles Mahon 14 giờ trước
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas 14 giờ trước
“I smelled her perfume and it's IBS.." I can't not hear this.
sophie telmon
sophie telmon 14 giờ trước
Hughes Millie
Hughes Millie 15 giờ trước
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 16 giờ trước
Does anyone seriously think Marshall Mathers is more talented than this man? Really?
Karol Budnik
Karol Budnik 18 giờ trước
eduuu chavoso
eduuu chavoso 18 giờ trước
Machine ta melhor no rock do que no rap
Ash - O - Leee
Ash - O - Leee 19 giờ trước
Dude this sound, vibe brings me back to those day gosh i miss it!!! Halsey and mgk should make more collabs in the furture!!
SAITO Para Todos
SAITO Para Todos 19 giờ trước
Ghosttz 19 giờ trước
I think I speak for the whole world when I say... Can we get more pls 🙌
Itz Madison Duh
Itz Madison Duh 19 giờ trước
I love him all his videos are like a movie now!!!
tinamoli12 19 giờ trước
You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too You tell me you hate me Baby, yeah, I bet you do Damn I saw you walk in the room and I tried my best Not to panic while I'm lookin' for the back door I smell the perfume and it's obvious I'm gonna stay and put my key in the back more I can't, I can't, I can't pretend to forget you The reason I punch a hole in the wall back home And then, and then, and then a couple hours later we're in Room 29 at The Chateau I left before you woke up I don't feel right (see your soul burn) You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too You tell me you hate me Baby, yeah, I bet you do I'm keepin' you waitin' But I won't wait on you You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too I've wasted so much time Waitin' around for your phone calls every night My bad dreams are silk screens 'Cause I taste blood when you bleed It's eatin' me alive We'd both be better off alone Still think I'd get you on the phone With one last breath in me I'd die before I'd let you leave You left before I woke up Why don't I ever see you sober? You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too You tell me you hate me Baby, yeah, I bet you do I'm keepin' you waitin' But I won't wait on you You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too Hey you Tell me why you do the things that make me hate you? It's an emotional kaleidoscope when I face you Permanent calligraphy, I just tattooed your name on me forever You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too You tell me you hate me Baby, yeah, I bet you do I'm keepin' you waitin' But I won't wait on you You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too
Nebras XX
Nebras XX 19 giờ trước
what is the aim of the video
Sandra loves U
Sandra loves U 20 giờ trước
Halsey anger here : 📈📈📈
Helen Elizabeth
Helen Elizabeth 20 giờ trước
Shanna Broadway
Shanna Broadway 21 giờ trước
Gudang Waifu
Gudang Waifu 21 giờ trước
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor 21 giờ trước
Thorin538 22 giờ trước
i really love Blink182 and punk rock but i also like rap music, This is the perfect combination! MGK & Tavis Barker
Ryan Tischmak
Ryan Tischmak 23 giờ trước
Marjorie Oakes
Marjorie Oakes Ngày trước
Ainura Churina
Ainura Churina Ngày trước
Avril Lavine is that you
Mack Nelson
Mack Nelson Ngày trước
Javier Solis
Javier Solis Ngày trước
And this guy thought he could fuck with Eminem? lol boy keep making trash music
Jenelle Pierce
Jenelle Pierce Ngày trước
Mr Memelord LAPTOP EDITION Ngày trước
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mr Memelord LAPTOP EDITION Ngày trước
i didnt exptect to like this kind of genre of music but when its a good singer with good lyrics its good pog
Mr Memelord LAPTOP EDITION Ngày trước
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Martin esInWhite
Martin esInWhite Ngày trước
El pop punk esta de vuelta.
jon mcmenamin
jon mcmenamin Ngày trước
Artur Asatryan
Artur Asatryan Ngày trước
Dani Strom
Dani Strom Ngày trước
I NEEEEEED Halsey to do more stuff in this genre!
giovanny perez
giovanny perez Ngày trước
Stiches 2020?
Hell Angels
Hell Angels Ngày trước
It’s really nice to see that pop punk is making a come back! I’m more into garage rock, surf punk and stoner rock but I’d rather hear pop punk on radios instead of the usual pop and rap, rock’s not dead yet!
Armando Relajo
Armando Relajo Ngày trước
meriam shango
meriam shango Ngày trước
satanas satanas
satanas satanas Ngày trước
laney marks
laney marks Ngày trước
El LukKu
El LukKu Ngày trước
euqirne sevrey
euqirne sevrey Ngày trước
Robert Stein
Robert Stein Ngày trước
Phnx Arisen
Phnx Arisen Ngày trước
Mgk really choose wise turjing to pop punk amd rock after eminem killed his rap career
Jokers_YT Ngày trước
mgk is like lil uzi, still going and still growing
Elizabeth Skamvetsakis
Elizabeth Skamvetsakis Ngày trước
Imagine a song with Avril 😍
William 7 giờ trước
Already done. Just waiting for avril to release it
nick pap
nick pap Ngày trước
Steve o
Steve o Ngày trước
MGK just going ham on the bed 😂😂
Bogmire42 Ngày trước
And now I'm a fan.
yasser tertag
yasser tertag Ngày trước
Damn, i remember halsey being so calm when she used to be with G-Eazy
Francis Rivas
Francis Rivas 13 giờ trước
Based of their songs he was abusive
21 More Colors Animator
21 More Colors Animator Ngày trước
I love you Halsey! I love you MGKelly!
Audrina pacheco
Audrina pacheco Ngày trước
but i mean im kinda goth but hey don't blame me
Paul Hardiek
Paul Hardiek Ngày trước
Machine gun kelly is the man. I saw him live in concert in chicago he is the best artist he can do it all rap and rock.
Audrina pacheco
Audrina pacheco Ngày trước
F*** yeah i mean like this song is so good i kinda hear it every day .. but yeah hope you make more good songs Machine Gun
Andrew Loomis
Andrew Loomis Ngày trước
Travis barker at 2:27 is me playing guitar hero while my parents are fighting
eulises perez
eulises perez Ngày trước
Rafaela Ngày trước
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn Ngày trước
dope ass video
Rafaellos Stylianou
Rafaellos Stylianou Ngày trước
Don't mind me. I'm just repeating the song again and again and again 🤘🤘🤘
Shiloh Redding
Shiloh Redding Ngày trước
baran bahari
baran bahari Ngày trước
ahmad nashat
ahmad nashat Ngày trước
Aayush Manjkhola
Aayush Manjkhola Ngày trước
Halsey is giving those Avril's emo vibes of the good old days..
Amrita ??
Amrita ?? Ngày trước
Travis casually drumming in the background
Finn L
Finn L Ngày trước
this is an amazing song but i cant stop laughing at mgk when hes on to bed while halsey is singing LMAOO its from 1:15 to 1:35 bro i cant stop laughing
Ann-marie Kilpatrick
Ann-marie Kilpatrick Ngày trước
Brynn Van Diemen
Brynn Van Diemen Ngày trước
ok best song out of this whole album no doubt
The Marvel Mask
The Marvel Mask Ngày trước
So he went rock I see he pulled a pink move they must have really got to him since the eminem beef he was having at one time they told him to stay away from rap or else lol it's all good you start singing Jesus Music and win souls for Christ and come Jesus yourself man you will most definitely have your spiritual place in the kingdom of Heaven Jesus is coming very soon my friend. So get yourself and your fans ready for his arrival.
Avid Atheist
Avid Atheist Ngày trước
Waste of time, but good one.
Isaiah Willett
Isaiah Willett Ngày trước
Miguel Vale
Miguel Vale Ngày trước
I fucking love this song
Ruben Goyma
Ruben Goyma Ngày trước
The intro reminds me of the anthem by good charlotte
Bustincue 4U
Bustincue 4U Ngày trước
This is just a great upbeat song
logeashvaran muru
logeashvaran muru Ngày trước
Lobar Usmanova
Lobar Usmanova Ngày trước
Darian Reguindin
Darian Reguindin Ngày trước
CaustGFX Ngày trước
Okay but why is this like kinda good? Like.. anyone else expecting Halsey to kinda ruin it but she kinda rocks out the punk vibe
Alexis Rojas
Alexis Rojas Ngày trước
มิญนี ทัศกูล
มิญนี ทัศกูล Ngày trước
Milena Ledesma
Milena Ledesma Ngày trước
Becky Miller
Becky Miller Ngày trước
Harley Crawford
Harley Crawford Ngày trước
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