Luffy Vs Katakuri [Full Fight] [HD] - Luffy uses Gear 4 (Snake-Man) first Time

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Luffy Vs Katakuri [Full Fight] [HD] - Luffy uses Gear 4 Snake-Man first Time
•EP [849,850,851,852,853,854,855,856,857,858,860,861,862,863,864,865,866,867,868,869,870,871,872]
Episode 859 not included because there wasn't any Fights Scenes between Luffy and Katakuri
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•One Piece is a steampunk manga and anime series created by artist Eiichiro Oda. It revolves around a crew of pirates led by captain Monkey D. Luffy, whose dream is to obtain the ultimate treasure One Piece that was left behind by the King of the Pirates, Gold Roger.
One Piece is set in a fictional world, where pirates run rampant in an era known as the "Great Age of Piracy". This age was inaugurated with the execution of Gold Roger, the Pirate King. With his last words, Roger declared that all of the treasure he had collected was up for grabs, if it could be found, and that he left all of it "in one piece."
•The story of One Piece focuses on the trials and tribulations of the Straw Hat Pirates, a crew led by the captain Monkey D. Luffy, as they sail the Grand Line from island to island in search of the Pirate King's great lost treasure. Unlike the traditional bloodthirsty pirate stereotype, the Straw-Hats are far truer to their ideals and are oftentimes seen helping a village rather than pillaging it. However, they are still pirates, and as such some crew members have been placed with large bounties on their heads. As of the current story arc, three of the seven pirates have bounties, with an expected eighth crew member and bounties for nearly all the crew members.
•Because of its emotional story, original characters, engaging fight sequences, plot twists, sense of adventure, and a strong focus on unity and fighting for your dreams, One Piece has grown into one of the most popular shônen manga in Japan.
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TopNotchANIME 29 ngày trước
WOW this Video has got 10M+ views, thank y'all guys for watching because you guys made it happen 🙌🏻❤😉
Byakko Brando
Byakko Brando 10 ngày trước
11´:14 R is missing
CRT Kirito
CRT Kirito 11 ngày trước
noce Goku beats him
heather le
heather le 12 ngày trước
yees , i have watched many times !
Richardson Buchanonger42
Richardson Buchanonger42 13 ngày trước
yes , and more is coming !!
Sassy Blue
Sassy Blue 13 ngày trước
@Rushendy Inesia q
ItzGordonYT Giờ trước
JanRussel Lapuz
JanRussel Lapuz 3 giờ trước
Did katakuri died or no?
Jacquon F
Jacquon F 4 giờ trước
"Of course I will, because someday in gonna become Hokage"
GodColored 5 giờ trước
Katuakuri much better with a similar devil fruit. If not for plot armor, Luffy stood no chance here.
munkhjargal Bs
munkhjargal Bs 15 giờ trước
Nice gear 4 snakeman
Le Big Mace
Le Big Mace 16 giờ trước
Such a bullshit.
CJ Oxton
CJ Oxton 16 giờ trước
Hahahahaha hetler said this is the best fight
kirito HK
kirito HK 16 giờ trước
Rute Amparo
Rute Amparo 19 giờ trước
Zack Theryul
Zack Theryul 21 giờ trước
Wow who made this I am going to subscribe
kermit da frog
kermit da frog 22 giờ trước
How Is it that luffy didn't get cut by the glass?
TyPHoNJaat Ngày trước
This was literally a real and fair fight
Aagnik Raj
Aagnik Raj Ngày trước
The fight was 51mins lol . didnt even notice. i was so indulged in it
GAMER XXX Ngày trước
The only villian puffy address his name correctly
GAMER XXX Ngày trước
Red hair in one-piece are badass
Arnaldo Secor
Arnaldo Secor Ngày trước
I watch this because i forgot what is the other gear 4
Abishek K
Abishek K Ngày trước
The theme of Katakuri is my favorite one of all
Trey Folkmen
Trey Folkmen Ngày trước
Dang, Luffy have some god level durability. Getting trashed for 50 min and exausting his opponent to the point of collapse. Guess thats another way to win.
GrinchDoTheMost Ngày trước
Bro still hearting comments till this day 😂😂🤟🏾
william kamdem
william kamdem Ngày trước
Still Wondering how he managed to win against katakuri.anyway he's one of the coolest villain ever
yuki kudou
yuki kudou Ngày trước
Luffy plot armor still strong
Abdulrahman Ngày trước
The big mom arc is such an underated arc
Darren Walles Johnson
Darren Walles Johnson Ngày trước
I still gasp when kata falls face up 😞
さん晶子 Ngày trước
Evangeline Velga
Evangeline Velga Ngày trước
Intense fight
Darren Walles Johnson
Darren Walles Johnson Ngày trước
That little girl needs to be put up for adoption
Darren Walles Johnson
Darren Walles Johnson Ngày trước
One of the few times where I didn’t want to see the villain lose, but knew I had to.
Darren Walles Johnson
Darren Walles Johnson Ngày trước
When I saw how badly Luffy was losing That’s when I knew they couldn’t beat Big MOM yet
Darren Walles Johnson
Darren Walles Johnson Ngày trước
We’re gonna definitely need this rematch
Katakuri Charlotte
Katakuri Charlotte Ngày trước
he tried so hard to make a skinny boundman but he still grew big
Эдди Франциско
Эдди Франциско Ngày trước
Greatest fight ever, that Luffy almost defeated
GAMER XXX Ngày trước
Katakuri son of rock D cex
Yaw Appiagyei-Atua
Yaw Appiagyei-Atua Ngày trước
Thanks for not putting in ads. Made the experience much better
Keo Chanpunreay
Keo Chanpunreay Ngày trước
while other think zoro is a vice-captain, I think Nami is the only candidate to be a vice-captain.
Paskin's Animations
Paskin's Animations Ngày trước
How do i discribe this fight?
Paskin's Animations
Paskin's Animations 2 ngày trước
37:31 when I saw this the first time I thought katakuri was finna kill flampe but I guess not
Paskin's Animations
Paskin's Animations 2 ngày trước
Me vs Aerna PvP player in gpo
Taufiq Othman
Taufiq Othman 2 ngày trước
Then, he tried to 1v1 Kaido when he beached on Wano.
lauty xD
lauty xD 2 ngày trước
2:24 -insultan a mi mama Yo: la tulla El pibe: la tulla siempre y la mia nunca B)
KINGER G 2 ngày trước
I like that
sakura5sango6 2 ngày trước
19:10 I swear at that moment I cried "FINALLY!" xDDD Goddamn relief x'D If there's something I love about Luffy, it's at the end of the fight
Sean Miller
Sean Miller 2 ngày trước
I’ll summarize this fight - Katakuri: you’re no match for me, *beats the shit out of Luffy Luffy: *gets up Luffy: *figures out new strat Katakuri: *new strat, beat Luffy to a pulp Repeat. Honestly, I think people like to hype this fight up a lot. But it was boring as hell. Maybe it could have been good if it didn’t take place over what felt like 50 episodes, but it got insanely boring when it was just the same things happening over and over and over again. This entire arc is actually what made me stop watching this show.
Sean Miller
Sean Miller Ngày trước
@ImrjvzolDyk yeah I love watching 21 episodes of the same thing happening over and over and over again too!!
ImrjvzolDyk 2 ngày trước
Nah the fight was good.
Luthfee Senpai
Luthfee Senpai 2 ngày trước
"It ain't about how hard you hit,it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward" -Rocky Balboa
Mohamad Hidayat
Mohamad Hidayat 2 ngày trước
Adventure one piece ⚓⚓⚓👍
Ogre Vlogger
Ogre Vlogger 2 ngày trước
What bullshit am I watching
CJ Oxton
CJ Oxton 16 giờ trước
Hahahahaha adolf hetler said this is the best fight
sir crocodile's wife
sir crocodile's wife 2 ngày trước
i cannot stop watching this fight
lol u thought
lol u thought 2 ngày trước
Everyone talking about the fight but me wondering about how thick his neck is
Dedy Liant
Dedy Liant 2 ngày trước
Force Master_Playz
Force Master_Playz 2 ngày trước
30:27 uhmmmmmm what is that his....
Abdul Raheem
Abdul Raheem 2 ngày trước
One of the best quality videos I’ve ever watched
jacob sion
jacob sion 2 ngày trước
うまうま 2 ngày trước
Lion anime kai
Lion anime kai 2 ngày trước
Charlotte Katakuri
Charlotte Katakuri 2 ngày trước
I truly had fun fighting, the Future Pirate King.
YK 2 ngày trước
Tomorrow I’ve an exam but i felt rewatching this was more important
Lil Yoda
Lil Yoda 2 ngày trước
When you realize this entire fight is basically “I’m rubber and your glue”
SMToon Türkçe
SMToon Türkçe 3 ngày trước
*Luffy and katakuri are fast, but theyre camera-man is faster*
Crazed Cat Gaming
Crazed Cat Gaming Ngày trước
this is such a sad stolen comment lol
Tiziano Rolon
Tiziano Rolon Ngày trước
Griblo Shpibles
Griblo Shpibles 3 ngày trước
This is as close as we're getting to hawk vs takamura 2
LocalWeebz 3 ngày trước
Luffy would’ve lost but plot said nah
Jorge Flores
Jorge Flores 3 ngày trước
Katakuri is faster, physically stronger, and better haki user. But Luffy’ stamina and resiliency able to even the fight.
Gustavo Betarte
Gustavo Betarte 3 ngày trước
I liked the video even though theres cuts in the video but they do not last long enough. Nice video loved it❤
Lucas Gameplay
Lucas Gameplay 3 ngày trước
Battles of the protagonist win by the script :
young monarch
young monarch 3 ngày trước
In the end katakuri lost because he wasn't as determined as Luffy
NoPantsBaby 3 ngày trước
Can you actually break a mirror? Don't you simply create many tiny mirrors? Like they may not be functional portals you'd never manage to neutralize their power.
No.8 3 ngày trước
46:50 onwards is what makes this fight the greatest in one piece for me. Seeing the main character pushed to this limit by someone he never intended to fight is a great move in the one piece world.
Todoroki 143 shoto
Todoroki 143 shoto 3 ngày trước
So Luffy won?
bullet4mymind 3 ngày trước
What a stupid anime -_-
CJ Oxton
CJ Oxton 16 giờ trước
Hahahahaha adolf hetler said this is the best fight
VACKU 3 ngày trước
It isn't though, this is just your opinion
Big Blue Sans
Big Blue Sans 3 ngày trước
Katakuri got that freaking haki to dodge fast sh
traimw 3 ngày trước
Was I the only one rooting for mochi
Hunderd Percent Zero Three
Hunderd Percent Zero Three 3 ngày trước
CJ Oxton
CJ Oxton 16 giờ trước
Hahahahaha adolf hetler said this is the best fight
grim 3 ngày trước
38:26 the moment katakuri earned my respect for life
JTX Ngày trước
Noel Moreno
Noel Moreno 3 ngày trước
no se no me gusto esta pelea one piece, venia de ver una super pelea como la de doflamingo y esta pelea no estuvo a la altura de eso.
Mohd Akmal90
Mohd Akmal90 3 ngày trước
Too long fight..😔😔
Krisstoof 3 ngày trước
I think that if they had rematch before wano, Luffy would win without issues. Katakuri at the begining of the fight had huge advantage of the future sight. After Luffy learnt also that advantage melted.
Osman Abdihalim
Osman Abdihalim 3 ngày trước
RIP 48:16
Maritza Quiroz
Maritza Quiroz 3 ngày trước
38:20 i though he was gana pop her
Antonio Dishington
Antonio Dishington 4 ngày trước
boring fight
CJ Oxton
CJ Oxton 16 giờ trước
Hahahahaha adolf hetler said this is the best fight
Nome top
Nome top 4 ngày trước
"Ai one piece tem animação ruim" One piece:
Lipts 4 ngày trước
which episode was this again?
TopNotchANIME 4 ngày trước
Read Video Description
Was geht Sie das an
Was geht Sie das an 4 ngày trước
Katakuri is the best , I like , when he said:" you`ll take down Big Mom"
ZerpH 4 ngày trước
I always love seeing conqueror haki vs conqueror haki
DemonSlayerStorm_YT 4 ngày trước
Katakuri:Eating doughnut Luffy:Elephant gun Katakuri:Who the f*ck interrupted me eating
faded 1
faded 1 4 ngày trước
yo ths shit was trash 🗑🤧🤣 will never watch this show. yall love bandwagons
CJ Oxton
CJ Oxton 16 giờ trước
Hahahahaha adolf hetler said this is the best fight
VACKU 3 ngày trước
One piece doesn't need fans like you anyway have a good day sir ✌️
TooNice Media
TooNice Media 4 ngày trước
Kayaker is broken.............. if it wasn't for plot armor!!!
Kareem Richmond Jr.
Kareem Richmond Jr. 4 ngày trước
So luffy doesn’t die from getting obliterated and beats him?
KSI’S fat forehead 69
KSI’S fat forehead 69 4 ngày trước
By the end of the fight he’s not a villain and he’s making jokes throughout it
Jorvice Powell
Jorvice Powell 4 ngày trước
Cant lie. Watching this fight, i cant see a moment where luffy actually had the advantage. Katakuri was banging him up majority of the fight and even when luffy turnt snake man, Katakuri just activated that kaioken x10🤣. I guess that's what you call will power💯
ingmarc McKenzie
ingmarc McKenzie 2 ngày trước
@Sean Miller how?
Sean Miller
Sean Miller 2 ngày trước
Nah that’s what we call plot armor lol
Jorvice Powell
Jorvice Powell 3 ngày trước
@ingmarc McKenzie i agree. That was why I said earlier it was a battle of will power.
ingmarc McKenzie
ingmarc McKenzie 3 ngày trước
Luffy had the advantage as soon as he realized there was no way he could beat him in a battle of strength. It was then he switched gears and decided to make it a battle of endurance. He’s not as strong as katakuri, but he’s definitely more durable. There’s more ways to win a fight than just being stronger than your opponent.
zunf1sh 4 ngày trước
This probably the best of all Luffys fights since Romance Dawn
David Smith
David Smith 4 ngày trước
Couldn't Katakuri use Gear 2nd near infinitely because he can use the nutrients from the mochi he makes?
Foxey Omega
Foxey Omega 5 ngày trước
4:29 Yamcha
Saint John Roxas
Saint John Roxas 5 ngày trước
New sub here no ads just a pure full fight
TopNotchANIME 4 ngày trước
Thanks Bro 😉
johnlexther bedis
johnlexther bedis 5 ngày trước
moral of the story:never disturb a 1vs1
aimnkrm 5 ngày trước
katakuri and kaido are the only antagonist that i love to see them getting luffy obliterated
Buda 1918
Buda 1918 5 ngày trước
Luffy wasn't supposed to beat him I'm sorry
Arzen Yu
Arzen Yu 5 ngày trước
this is basically stretchy dough man vs stretchy pink man that can turn black
A Banana 2
A Banana 2 5 ngày trước
Imagine if luffy still became small after using elephant gun
Ricardo Pinto Freire
Ricardo Pinto Freire 5 ngày trước
meu deus e muito tempo de vidio aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Bored One
Bored One 5 ngày trước
This was one of the best fights ........ katakuri was way stronger than him but he was made to win as he is the protagonist of the series
afek 5 ngày trước
I hope Katakuri will join the straw hats one day.
Shortcut 101
Shortcut 101 5 ngày trước
This is like *rubber man vs sticky rubber man*
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