FULL MATCH- NXT vs. Raw vs. SmackDown - Survivor Series Elimination Match: Survivor Series 2019

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Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, King Corbin, Mustafa Ali and Shorty G represent SmackDown, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton and Ricochet represent Raw, and Tommaso Ciampa, Damian Priest, Matt Riddle, Keith Lee and WALTER represent NXT in a colossal Survivor Series Elimination Match: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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Skmjkoso Era
Skmjkoso Era 6 giờ trước
tbh lee is like kong so fast and atlethic
Jordyn Stief
Jordyn Stief 6 giờ trước
Meanwhile in the backstage area after the events of Survivor Series 2019... Empress Madame Ninja Barrett: *pants, coughs and groans in pain* (walks through the curtain into the backstage area despite the obvious physical pain and the multiple visual cuts and bruises that she must’ve sustained from every single physical confrontation throughout the night tonight at the hands of NXT in order to protect both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown and keep the two brands safe from their invading forces wearing the black metallic General Manager’s outfit, the WWE Women’s tag team championship around her waist, the black metallic entrance robe, the Constable of SmackDown Live medal around her neck with the red heart locket, the Snake Amulet and the Lone Wolf amulet pendant also around her neck, the black metallic TNA General’s coat and hat, the pair of Elias’s wristbands and the full body armor set based off of the Bane of Darkness Spirit, Galeem which was fused with the light of Ultra Necrozma and Ashrah.) Okay. (wipes the sweat from her brow and gently puts her hand to her head as she realizes that she must’ve developed a headache.) Oh, *dusts off her hands* I think that’s the last of them. Well, I hope they’ve learned their lesson and will be thinking twice about ever messing with both Friday Night SmackDown and Monday Night Raw again. *calls to the spirit from earlier on tonight in the fortress of her mind in order to place it back into dormancy* Thank you, La Llorona. You may rest now. You can bet that I’ll be calling upon you again before too long. (feels the spirit willingly obey her command and become dormant in the fortress of her mind once again, ready to serve its new friend again, whenever she requests it.) There you go. (notices a brand new decal on the back of her hand in the form of the weeping woman, La Llorona itself, a gift from her new spiritual friend.) Oh, it’s beautiful. I guess this is how you’re able to tell if the spirit has forged a friendship with you or not. Alright. Now to find Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler, King Baron Corbin and Princess Baroness Corbin. (walks around backstage in order to find them despite the frequent loss of feeling in her legs with her ever loyal funeral director, Corey Graves and her advocate, Paul Ellering at her side, sees both gentlemen running toward her and flags them down.) And, speaking of the Showoff and the Glorious, Roode, Dolph, I’m over here. Robert Roode: (approaches his old friend from their days in Florida with the Showoff, Dolph Ziggler at his side.) *relief clearly evident in his voice* Empress, thank goodness. King Corbin would’ve thought you were dead. Dolph Ziggler: We thought something horrible happened to you. Ninja: No, just some multiple visual cuts and bruises followed by some wounds and injuries, but other than that, I’ll live. Dolph: Looks like King Corbin's going to be happy to hear that you've come back in one piece. Robert: Yeah. For both of your fellow Lone Wolves, seeing you again will make it worth living this nightmare. Ninja: Oh, yeah. Speaking of my fellow Wolves, where are they? Robert: We think you’ll be pleased to know that they’re currently waiting for you in your black metallic kingdom locker room right now as we speak, Empress. Your Assistant Acting Raw and SmackDown Live General Manager husband and master’s also in there with them. I think I did hear King Corbin say that he might have an offer on the table for you to become his hitman. Ninja: Okay. Well, what are the both of you gentlemen waiting for? Lead me to them if you gentlemen wouldn’t mind. Both: Yes, Empress. (head towards the black metallic kingdom locker room of the Empress and Grand WWE Champion.) Corey Graves: (as he brings over a wheelchair for his Liege brought to him in advance by the Assistant Acting Raw and SmackDown Live General Manager husband and master of his Liege, Emperor Wade Barrett and helps her into it with the aid of her advocate, Paul Ellering.) There you are, my Liege. Ninja: *sighs contentedly* (as she makes herself comfortable in the wheelchair.) Thank you, Monsieur Graves. I think maybe we should follow them. Corey: Okay, my Liege. We can do that. (pushes the wheelchair of his battered and bruised Liege in hopes of following both the Showoff and the Glorious One as he wheels her back to her black metallic kingdom locker room for the night as the advocate for the Empress and Grand WWE Champion, Paul Ellering walks beside his client’s wheelchair.) Meanwhile in the black metallic kingdom locker room of the Empress and Grand WWE Champion... Dr. Michael Hunter: (on standby at the royal black metallic throne of his confidante under the command of the King of the Ring, the Lone Wolf, Baron Corbin, ready to heal her wounds and injuries upon her return from the Survivor Series war.) Emperor Wade Barrett: (sees that the entire NXT roster had just been destroyed by his wife and apprentice.) Oh my. This is unprecedented. Everyone from NXT’s been defeated. (sees that she’s nowhere to be found and immediately starts fearing the worst.) Oh, but I have a feeling that something horrible has happened to her. I think we must’ve ended up unknowingly sacrificing her in someway or another. King Baron Corbin: (to the Assistant Acting Raw and SmackDown Live General Manager husband and master of his Lone Wolfess wearing the SmackDown Live tag team championship around his shoulder, the Lone Wolf amulet pendant around his neck, the Lone Wolf Championship at his side, the full body armor set based off of the Bane of Light Spirit, Dharkon, complete with the altered cape, crown and scepter and the ring she proposed to him with on the SmackDown Live after SummerSlam almost 3 years ago around his finger.) Listen, Wade. She wouldn’t want us to mourn her passing, but rather to celebrate her accomplishments that’ll never be replicated. Wade: Mmm. I suppose that’s true. Princess Baroness Corbin: (as she’s wearing the WWE Women’s tag team championship around her shoulder and the Lone Wolf amulet pendant around her neck.) Father’s right, Mr. Barrett. At least, we’ll rest easy, knowing that Mother’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain. Both: *mumble in agreement* *door suddenly opens* ???: *speaks in a very familiar voice, startling the three of them* You would think of me ill used otherwise, King Wolf? All: (turn toward the familiar voice and see that the Empress and Grand WWE Champion, her advocate, the ever loyal funeral director, the Showoff and the Glorious One have returned.) Empress Madame Ninja Barrett: (as she’s being helped to her royal black metallic throne in order to be healed by her ever loyal funeral director, advocate, the Showoff and the Glorious One.) And before you even ask, King Corbin, yes, it was typical Survivor Series business as usual. Baron: *relief clearly evident in his voice* My Lone Wolfess, you’ve returned. We were just beginning to fear the worst. (lovingly, romantically and gently embraces her as she returns his embrace, thankful to see that she's alright and gives her a rather lengthy and very romantic kiss as she returns his affection and love for her.) Wade: Well, what do you know? Madame General Manager did survive after all. Baroness: Mother, I can’t believe it. You’re alive. Ninja: (to her WWE Women’s tag team champion partner long-lost daughter as she sits down on her royal black metallic throne in order to be healed by her world renowned forensic pathologist confidante already on standby as he already begins healing her.) I know, honey. (turns toward the King of the Ring.) Ah, Monsieur Corbin. I heard that you might have an offer on the table for me to become one of your hitmen. Baron: Oh, so you heard from Robert Roode about that. Yes, that's on the table. So, will you become my hitman? Ninja: (takes his offer to become his hitman into consideration and nods in response to his question, accepting his offer to become his hitman.) Yes. Baron: Excellent choice, my Lone Wolfess. In fact, (brings her the hitman's contract for her to sign.) I want you to sign this and both the hitman rank and capability will be yours. Ninja: (retrieves the hitman's contract from the King of the Ring.) Now, hold on. Let me read the fine print of this first before I sign it, just so I have a clear idea as to what I'm getting myself into. Baron: Okay. Ninja: (reads the fine print of the hitman's contract.) Fetch me a pen.(retrieves a pen from someone.) Thank you. *pen clicks in hand* Ninja: (signs it, handing it back to the King of the Ring.) Baron: (retrieves the signed hitman's contract from his Lone Wolfess.) Excellent. I'll go ahead and unlock the both of those for you. In the meantime, (as he pulls out a black metallic hitman outfit for his Lone Wolfess to wear in order to symbolize her new rank and role as his newly chosen hitman.) I want you to wear this. Now, I think I'll be kind enough to warn you that upon wearing this, you might begin to experience a shift in mentality, your loyalties to certain allies will start to become harder to tell and those lines between friend and foe will start to become blurred, but I assure you that it's completely nothing to worry about. Ninja: (levitates the outfit toward her with her psychic powers.) Okay. (puts it on, experiences a shift in mentality and now feels ready to serve the King of the Ring as his newly chosen hitman.) Hitman Barrett at your service. How may I be of assistance, Monsieur Pestock? Baron: Oh, damn. Well, that was quick. How are you feeling, my Lone Wolfess? Ninja: Not gonna lie, I did feel a little bit of a mental rewiring just now, if that makes any sense. Baron: Oh, yeah. That might’ve been the thing that I forgot to specify. You might begin to feel a mental rewiring within the first few seconds of putting on the outfit, but like I said before, it’s completely nothing to worry about.
Jordyn Stief
Jordyn Stief 6 giờ trước
A while later in the black metallic kingdom of the Empress and Grand WWE Champion after the events of Survivor Series 2019... King Baron Corbin: (to his newly chosen hitman, his battered and bruised Lone Wolfess as she's still reeling and recovering from the clash against NXT.) My Lone Wolfess, I know that you're currently recovering from the wounds and injuries that you sustained throughout the night tonight, but, do you mind, I mean, if it's okay with you, that we have a nice discussion just the two of us... (as he turns his attention to their WWE Women's tag team champion partner long-lost daughter, her advocate, ever loyal funeral director, Assistant Acting Raw and SmackDown Live General Manager husband and master, the Showoff and the Glorious One before turning his attention back toward his recovering hitman.) ...in private? Empress Madame Ninja Barrett: (as she's sitting on her royal black metallic throne still being healed by her world renowned forensic pathologist confidante.) Sure, Monsieur Corbin. Although, I think some of them already got the hint after you said, "Just the two of us." Baron: Okay. All: (head to their respective chambers for the night in order to give the current SmackDown Live tag team champions, the Lone Wolves privacy to talk.) Dolph Ziggler: You know what? I'll see the two of you on Friday. (heads back to his locker room for the night while being careful to close the door behind him on his way out.) Baron: Okay. (turns toward his newly chosen hitman, his Lone Wolfess, obviously growing very concerned about the overall health and well-being of the mother of his child, SmackDown Live tag team champion partner girlfriend of over several years and best friend.) So, how are you feeling? Ninja: I'm feeling alright. Although, I admit to be feeling extremely sore currently following the clash against NXT. My exhaustion's probably through the roof as of right now. I'm genuinely surprised that they didn't either tear me to shreds or cut me into bite sized pieces and rip my arms and legs off and beat me over the head with them while they had the chance to do so. I believe that I've been scratched and clawed in bad places. It was no problem at all throwing NXT around and wiping the mat with their faces. I'm also feeling extremely battered and bruised right now. And to top it all off, (as she gently places a hand to her violently throbbing head.) I now have this migraine. (takes some ibuprofen provided by her world renowned forensic pathologist confidante.) Baron: Mmm. Listen, my Lone Wolfess. I'm just glad to see that you're alright. Ninja: Mmm. Baron: *expresses his pride and gratitude toward her* I knew you could do it. And I also knew that you were strong enough on your own to have defeated them. It took great courage and even greater determination to have vanquished them. I can't begin to thank you enough for your help, my friend. You certainly showed those NXT punks a thing or two. I expected nothing less from you than utter annihilation and complete domination. I bet it wasn't easy for you to have stepped up to the plate on my behalf, taken the bull by the horns and led SmackDown to victory in my place by yourself, even after I went missing, but, if it helps, you certainly did a much better job as Captain of Team SmackDown than I would have. Ninja: Thanks. (bows before the King of the Ring while sitting on her royal black metallic throne.) Glad to have been of service, Monsieur Corbin. I don't know if you saw, but I was nearly beaten with an inch of my life out there. Baron: Oh, I bet. Are you feeling alright? Ninja: Well, I'm not going to lie, I am currently in an extreme amount of pain following the attacks during the Survivor Series war and I seem to be feeling a little bit of the heat right now. Baron: (notices that she's currently feeling sleepy.) Are you sure that you're feeling okay? You seem sleepy, my Lone Wolfess. Ninja: (sleepily nods in response to the Lone Wolf's statement, making it very clear to the King of the Ring that she's currently feeling rather sleepy.) Mm-hmm. Well, it's probably because I currently do feel rather *yawn* sleepy. Baron: Oh. (gives her a sympathetic look.) Oh, you poor baby. (comforts her by gently taking her in his loving arms.) You must be sleepy. Ninja: Well, King Corbin. To be fair, I just had a very long night tonight. Baron: Oh, that's probably why you look so drained and tired. Come on. I'll get you nice and tucked into bed and I'll help you to rest. Ninja: If it's not too much of a bother, would you mind singing me to sleep? Baron: Of course, my love. You know, whatever will be beneficial to help you fall asleep. Ninja: Okay, darling. Baron: Okay. (embraces his Lone Wolfess again as she returns his embrace.) Then, that's what we'll do. Ninja: By the way, I think both of my legs are extremely sore and might be within moments of giving out on me if I even dare to stand up. Baron: Oh. Don't worry, my Lone Wolfess. Let me take care of that for you. (walks up to her royal black metallic throne, takes his weary Lone Wolfess in his loving arms, watching as her consciousness slowly but surely fades into black as she steadily falls into a deep, restful slumber.) Alright. Now, let's get you to bed as I know that you are feeling very exhausted right now and would like nothing more than to rest. (carries her unconscious, wounded body to the bed, gently lowers it onto the bed, gets her nice and tucked into bed for the night by draping a very warm blanket over her now comfortably resting yet aching body in order to prevent her from shivering from the cold, develop a resulting chill from it and freeze to death in her sleep while *singing a soothing lullaby to ease her into a deep, restful slumber,* gently puts his hand on her velvet cheek and bids her goodnight with a rather lengthy and very romantic kiss gently placed on the temple of his Lone Wolfess's head while turning down the lights in the locker room so she could sleep without having her rather sensitive eyes becoming blinded by light.) *finishes his soothing lullaby to her and soothingly coos for her to sleep* Sweet dreams, my Lone Wolfess. Sleep well, mi amor. (sits down in a nearby chair placed beside her bed to protectively watch over her as she slept.) Ah, that's better. At least, this way, I'll be able to keep a close eye on her and closely monitor her recovery. *sighs contentedly and lovingly at her* Rest well, my Sleeping Beauty. (gently strokes her head with his hand in order to push sleep to the forefront of her mind, pushing everything else that would be of great concern to his Lone Wolfess to the back of her mind, allowing her to just focus on getting some much needed rest and gaining some much needed sleep.) That's it. Get a good long rest, my Lone Wolfess. It'll all be worth it in the end. *hears the soft breathing followed by gentle purring of his Lone Wolfess in her sleep* (watches as she rests peacefully in the privacy of her black metallic kingdom locker room for the night safely in the warm embrace of her restful slumber while becoming lost in peaceful dreams and sleeping off her multiple wounds and injuries as well as the headache now completely curled up in the bed sleeping well into the night and gently puts a rag with cold water on the temple of her head in order to protect her from the heat in her sleep.) There. I know you don't look it right now, my Lone Wolfess, but I can tell that you must've been just burning up. Alright. Now, let's see if we can't heal your wounds and injuries you sustained tonight at Survivor Series, my Lone Wolfess. Hmm? (sees the world renowned forensic pathologist confidante of his Lone Wolfess approach her bed in order to continue the healing process on his deeply sleeping Lone Wolfess.) Oh, I'm sorry. Did I interrupt your healing process on my Lone Wolfess? Dr. Michael Hunter: Yeah. (continues the healing process on his sleeping confidante.)
Fezark Music
Fezark Music 10 giờ trước
I hate Matt Riddle now
broly 10 giờ trước
This is wired there is a crowd this is new
Hicham Assef
Hicham Assef 13 giờ trước
26:40 best part 🤣🤣🤣
DARRELL SPRITE 14 giờ trước
Who else respect that ending??? 👊🏾👊🏻
João paulo Rocha
João paulo Rocha 15 giờ trước
1:51 i'ts a peaky blinder?
Cojocariu Marcel
Cojocariu Marcel 17 giờ trước
Respect Reings!
المالكي 17 giờ trước
Rage 17 giờ trước
Dude how tf the same extremely near three count gonna happen for both Roman and Keith lmao
Matys :D
Matys :D 21 giờ trước
Maybe jakiś Polak here?
Айбийке Айтиева
Айбийке Айтиева 23 giờ trước
Почему вы только романа трагаете😲😠😡😡😡
mahsum akyüz
mahsum akyüz 23 giờ trước
Mr_ Slide
Mr_ Slide Ngày trước
When the announcer said I’ve never been so disappointed with Roman reigns Me: I’ve never been so proud of Roman reigns
The Roblox World
The Roblox World Ngày trước
Brandon cordon suckes
Cash Charo
Cash Charo Ngày trước
I love Roman reigns
tvrt v
tvrt v Ngày trước
Go to tvrt v sub to figer Videos and how to Do wwe wrestlers moves
Alberto Cavatton
Alberto Cavatton Ngày trước
Restu Egga
Restu Egga Ngày trước
Orang kaya gitu makan apa dulu
Zé Victor César
Zé Victor César Ngày trước
Owens is freaking awesomeeee
pete bagwell
pete bagwell Ngày trước
Is ricochet dressed like batman of the future or am I trippin
ProGaming_ Fc
ProGaming_ Fc Ngày trước
There should be a match of romen rieghs vs keith lee for the universal title
bobisafish Ngày trước
Seth and Roman should make a tag team called the big dogs
Mr Yeeter
Mr Yeeter Ngày trước
They already seperated
teejay Ngày trước
king cordan a sellout
emiliano calabrese
emiliano calabrese Ngày trước
Pizza Mann
Pizza Mann Ngày trước
It’s weird seaing Roman and Braun in same team
Peyton Rosalin
Peyton Rosalin Ngày trước
SirAkonys Ngày trước
อีสาน ศรีสะเกษ
อีสาน ศรีสะเกษ 2 ngày trước
Swagg Killer
Swagg Killer 2 ngày trước
Whos here after roman reings got put thourgh a table by KO
Maani Campbell
Maani Campbell Ngày trước
TxHellRazor 2 ngày trước
Why does smack down always pick poorly for the most part
charlie lahinda
charlie lahinda 2 ngày trước
Whaaaat a match🔥
Mochelle Smith
Mochelle Smith 2 ngày trước
Awesome 👍😊
Kenan _XP
Kenan _XP 2 ngày trước
مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى مستوى
keneeka gibbs
keneeka gibbs 2 ngày trước
Román Reigns is the best love you Keith lee but your in the big dog yard ....love ❤️ roman💯😍❤️🥰😘
بطل الدوري العالم , Colorado
بطل الدوري العالم , Colorado 2 ngày trước
رومان رينز . راندي اورتن . كوربن . سترومان . علي مصطفی . ريدل . ريكوشي 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿🖖👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿
Ebtisam Homosany
Ebtisam Homosany 2 ngày trước
How are you
TheTriangle444 2 ngày trước
The Shorty G-Matt Riddle short was goddamn fire
Rayane Dz
Rayane Dz 3 ngày trước
وين عرب 🤡
حيدر علي
حيدر علي 2 ngày trước
موجودين هههه
STH AUCKS 3 ngày trước
I hate looking at the those yellow NXT arm ribbins, reminds me of Nexus.
Raj kumar Raju
Raj kumar Raju 3 ngày trước
Always great Roman
Muqtasid Rollins
Muqtasid Rollins 3 ngày trước
Seth Rollins looks so good in the ring
FNTVon TG 3 ngày trước
29:41 das how I get knocked out😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Sir Softi
Sir Softi 3 ngày trước
Lol Corey was right there was three that ref was probably in some trouble
Anime god
Anime god 3 ngày trước
I'm I the only one at 1:21 that seen randy clap when strowmen did a dropkick 😂
Gamingdevil123 3 ngày trước
سامي محمود
سامي محمود 3 ngày trước
FFRating 3 ngày trước
Everyone was just going for Roman n he was just standing there lmao
Светослав Стаменов
Светослав Стаменов 3 ngày trước
I hate the plot twist for Corbin, so stupid making Reigns betrayal his team in such a pu**y way!!..
Mario Morones
Mario Morones 3 ngày trước
Why is Roman always has to deal with the big people
Nero Lux
Nero Lux 3 ngày trước
Man who wants to see Orton and Ciampia
ْابو سليمان
ْابو سليمان 3 ngày trước
The worst match ever
chris john
chris john 3 ngày trước
BAHAHAHA PEOPLE still watch this, it must have got real this time
Ruby Vaden
Ruby Vaden 4 ngày trước
Dang he got folded
Sudip Giri
Sudip Giri 4 ngày trước
Booooooohhhhhh Roman Rings......... The big cat ........
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin 4 ngày trước
The ruthless geography feasibly use because school postsynaptically pine by a changeable great-grandmother. mature, awake trial
TV Dia Azul
TV Dia Azul 4 ngày trước
Legal! Roman and Keath
terrence beast
terrence beast 4 ngày trước
The big dog is the best
prestongreentomuch -
prestongreentomuch - 4 ngày trước
29:38 that was like a lashley spear when u turn around
ReyRey 4 ngày trước
Roman reigns best of history
EziGamingYT 4 ngày trước
Ngl i even think everyone wanted Keith to clutch for the win
Aidan Meadows
Aidan Meadows 4 ngày trước
Corbin is so good at being bad
Aidan Meadows
Aidan Meadows 4 ngày trước
Chad gable was so good
Elian Victoria Lopez Repoma
Elian Victoria Lopez Repoma 4 ngày trước
Epic match
Guilherme nascimento
Guilherme nascimento 4 ngày trước
John Ocampo
John Ocampo 4 ngày trước
This match is better than the women’s :c
Dillon Haggett
Dillon Haggett 4 ngày trước
Walter and Priest deserved better then what they ultimately got
Zak Fletcher
Zak Fletcher 4 ngày trước
Who's watching in 2021
agus gamer 713
agus gamer 713 4 ngày trước
I want more fights from Lee is the best has all troubadour magician welcome to wwe 
Rocco Cappello
Rocco Cappello 5 ngày trước
smackdown will always always be number 1
Mr. FunnyMan
Mr. FunnyMan 5 ngày trước
What a prime showcase of all the talent that wwe is wasting between raw and SmackDown I mean did you see the bit between Chad gable and ricochet I mean wtf wwe
Ducky Curry
Ducky Curry 5 ngày trước
5:08 the commentator... 🤣
SPARTAN_118 5 ngày trước
Shrek Vs Roman Reings is the Best fight ever 😂
Cameron Winfrey
Cameron Winfrey 5 ngày trước
Only if dean Ambrose was here we would’ve had a shield moment
Vinz Villaruel
Vinz Villaruel 5 ngày trước
yEY Smackdown win!
Max-dark-light 5 ngày trước
What a war
Thu Chu
Thu Chu 5 ngày trước
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
Nielufar Hashemi
Nielufar Hashemi 5 ngày trước
roman is king.
JJ plays Colameco
JJ plays Colameco 5 ngày trước
24:23 stamp
Keven Carl Ordiz
Keven Carl Ordiz 5 ngày trước
roman reigns is the winner in smack down
Azuri Roberts
Azuri Roberts 5 ngày trước
Wen he pend keth lee it hit three beforr. He jumpt. Aout
Maggie Petrush
Maggie Petrush 5 ngày trước
Matt Riddle just dancing in the beginning.
Daelin Matlock
Daelin Matlock 5 ngày trước
Who came up with the "I built nxt and I'll burn it down" because it is the greatest line in the history of the business
Khadija Hussain
Khadija Hussain 5 ngày trước
I love your theme
KING 5 ngày trước
Guys I just realized that there is a crowd🤔
Nigel Tatenda Nkomo
Nigel Tatenda Nkomo 5 ngày trước
Much respect to the big dog.
Aadesh Thapa
Aadesh Thapa 6 ngày trước
When u realise 90% of them came from nxt
Kel 6 ngày trước
29:37 one of the most nastiest spears I’ve ever seen
Maverick Rivas Rodriguez
Maverick Rivas Rodriguez 6 ngày trước
hes hellaa fatttttt
Kitai Ware
Kitai Ware 6 ngày trước
I wanted Lesner vs every one in WWE and don’t forget stone cold
Kitai Ware
Kitai Ware 6 ngày trước
Happy knew year 2021 know
Kitai Ware
Kitai Ware 6 ngày trước
Fin y Jake Si de hora de aventura
Fin y Jake Si de hora de aventura 6 ngày trước
I love Román Reings
The Carr Family #1
The Carr Family #1 6 ngày trước
Roman Reigns is the best
robbe verdonck
robbe verdonck 6 ngày trước
4:53 that jump
Felipe M
Felipe M 6 ngày trước
Mason Harrier
Mason Harrier 6 ngày trước
I like wwe
Dead Man
Dead Man 6 ngày trước
When keith lee was pinned by roman u can hear the 3rd tap but ig the ref thought other wise
Sofia Arabella
Sofia Arabella 6 ngày trước
MASSIVE WIN | HIGHLIGHTS | Liverpool v Burnley
Burnley Football Club
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UFC 257: Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor Final Faceoff
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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